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Games FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions we get often in the comment section. This post will be updated in future.

How do I use Old save files in newer version of the game?

How do I update this game without dedicated Update file?

If the download section doesnt have seperated update files then you can do the following.

    • Download Current (latest) version.
    • Extract to desired location.
    • Get the save files from the older version.
      For Ren’py, The Save files is in <your game name>\game\saves

      Insexual Awakening Ren’Py Game’s save location.

      For RPG Maker games, the game’s save folder is probably the base folder of the game where the Game.exe is.

    • Simply copy those save files to the newer game’s exact location.
    • Sometime, your save will not work because of significiant change in the coding of newer version of the games. It is annoying but happens now and then with ongoing games.
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