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Version: 0.29 (Ongoing)by Avenger Last Update: 1 January, 2020
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Game Information

Size12.05 GB


Game EngineQSP

About the game

This is one of the biggest adult game out there. I could not find a plot summery. If you have played it please add a small plot summery in comment section so that  we can add that here, some screenshots are also appreciated (include imgur links).


Added car shop in the city centre, where you can buy a car, there’s even some choice. Right now it can be used to fast travel and it’s parked near the MC’s main house. In the future updates it will be used in scenes of many characters, but in this one it’s only used for one character.

Added and fixed a number of locations. Partially changed some characters sometimes adding new brief scenes. In particular Sveta’s (aka Light) plot had logical holes in the park fixed. Also, Oksana’s (the sister) scene with the dean is redone together with some other minor fixes.

«Quick start» was expanded, added Yana and Irina. As usual it starts from the first sex scene meaning there’ll still be more development even if you chose this option. Note that choosing Irina in quick start is connected with choosing Masha thus the dialogue will be changed accordingly.

Expanded the love branch to better reflect mc’s relationship with Liza adding some action and setting up future development.

Continued the branch with the blonde. Do as you did before and get ready to pay – you’ll get rewarded. (note: it’s unclear which path was extended).

Young babe got her love branch exteded. Be careful since it’s easy to make a wrong choice.

Continued the branch.

Added love branch for Bazhena. There are right and wrong choices – be careful.

Extended the branch. Not even the husband is going to stand in mc’s way!

More precise changelog:

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Replace the qsp that's in the assets/standalone_contents folder with one of the files that are in the post if your are wanting to play in english
  • Run "Son of Bitch.exe" to play game
  • Please Have a look at Walkthrough Section.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 12.05 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Son of a bitch seems to be very confusing in the beginning and the bad english translation doesnt improve that situation. Thus this general guide to help you fappers along to a lot of fun and fap.

Lets start with some of the basics:

All characters have 3 important stats:


This is an indicator how 'slutty' a given character is. The main character also has this stat but leveling occurs a bit different compared to all non-player characters. For the main character leveling happens whenever the player peeps or initiates sexual activities that are more or less public or considered out of the norm for a given location or relation.
For non-player characters this stat levels with sexual activities in general. The different levels for NPCs are from lowest to highest:
modest, normal, liberated, without complexes, irregular, depraved, whore of babylon

The level of depravity indicates what the NPC is willing to do. Trying to perform an action that is above the current depravity level will lead to a loss in attitude towards the player but might lead to becoming more open to future attempts of the same action. The loss of attitude and its mechanics will be explained in its own paragraph. Depravity can be initially raised by talking to characters while being visibly aroused (boner or in-game 'worth the stake'). You will find that quite a few will comment on your boner and dont give you any further conversation options anymore. Refer to the single walkthroughs to find out how to deal with them or find out yourself. Telling dirty jokes is the other option to raise depravity (in the current english version its the dialog option 'went to make a joke' option). This might be useful for characters that would not talk to you at all when you are fully aroused.

Tip: Dont try anything while a character is modest. This is basically your virgin type and any attempt of any sexual activity will lead to a guaranteed loss of attitude towards you. Talking to these characters while being aroused is your best first option to change their depravity. Some characters require a specific action before their depravity will change at all (Yana is an excellent example for this). Normal depravity is still 'mee' - not much action here either unless you are ready to hump up with a lot of gifts to repair relations. At liberated you might be able to approach while naked etc - but that is already a stretch for most characters. 'Without complexes' is roughly the starting point of actual activities - try to be a bit bolder when a char reaches this level. Anything above this is a pretty good bet that some kind of action will be tolerated - find out yourself or check the individual guides here.

Attitude to me

This is the second most important stat you will have to deal with. Attitude is very much like depravity but it is used far more widely than depravity. Characters will show certain behaviours based on this stat.
The different levels of attitude towards you are from lowest to highest:
hates, dislike, negative, neutral, friendly, always willing to help, ready to do anything

Attitude determines how much communication options you will get and how they will generally react to your appearance. If they dont like you or outright hate you then dont expect much conversation options - if any at all. To improve this stat you have 2 basic options: talking and giving gifts. Chatting and especially complimenting a character will usually improve this stat but you need to have them at least on the neutral level. Some characters will require gifts before changing attitude at all (your sister is a very good example for this)

Tip: Use 'compliment' excessively when you can. It seems to have the biggest effect on attitude change. Combine this with the right gifts and you should have the stat raised pretty quick. Each character prefers certain gifts and some gifts can not be given without risk unless you reach a certain attitude level (good example is Masha who will comment negatively even if you come with the right gifts). The beginning of the game is mostly about building up relations with different characters. I suggest to stick to Mom and sister to begin with as you are not risking to trigger something you regret later. Concentrate your approaches to a few characters and dont spread your love all over the place. Gifts are expensive - so you want to combine each approach to the maximum outcome as time is limited per day.


This stat is somewhat confusing and should be mostly seen as a guideline for choices. Character actions and reactions are somewhat defined by this stat. The different levels from lowest to highest are:
arrogant, stubborn, normal, compliant, submissive

This stat changes over time based on your interaction with the character. Once you opened them up for sexual activities i.e. this stat will slowly begin to change towards the higher end. Also depending on the kind of activity it might change faster or slower. For the lack of a better explanation i use the word resistance in my own head. The higher the stat the less resistant the character behaves. Giving the same attention to a char who is stubborn and one that is compliant will not have the same amount of effect.


This is your bread and butter for seduction and/or corruption - depends on your view of it. As mentioned in the depravity paragraph this is one of the tools you can use for changing another characters stat. This is also working like a switch for some quests and activities. If you are not or only mildly aroused you might not make any impact or wont get a certain scene. On the other hand if you are constantly running around with a boner you might offend the wrong people and are stuck in a cynical comment only from those people. Learning when and how to use your boner to your advantage is one key part of the gameplay. A good example for this mechanic is Kate - when you approach her too early with a boner for training she will not react kindly but end the training.
Arousal will happen naturally by being in certain situations ( peeping etc) and can be actively created by watching porn. Some characters have a huge impact on you in a given situation while others will only mildly impact you in the same situation. Learn how much arousal each situation creates and plan accordingly as daily time is limited. Blowing of some steam might also be useful - this can be done by fapping in your room or by actively seeking out sexual activity with someone.

Energy and you:
You are depicted as a human being - not a supernatural being. Thus the day has only so many hours available for you to be active and corruptive. It all starts with your sleep cycle and your alarm clock. Rule of thumb is that a good night sleep of minimum 8 hours will put you in the 'cheerful' mode (listed under 'condition' in your personal profile). This is the highest energy level available to you and it will slowly go down towards normal, tired and then exhausted.
Depending on your immediate goals and play style you will need to schedule your activities accordingly. Dont expect to get a lot done in just one week. Different activities will suck your energy level on different levels. Working out or doing heavy work will tire you faster than a walk in the park ie. If things get messy there are 3 ways to recover some energy: You can use an energy drink (available in the mall shop) which will give you a small boost for a limited time. You can visit the spa centre and spend some time in the sauna - this will cost you but is pretty effective when you need to wait some time anyways. At home you can take a nap of 2 hours in the hall if you are tired or below.

General strategies

By now (if you actually read the above) you should have a basic idea what to begin with - but let me add some tips here.

Your first order of business should be to get a job. All job related postings can be found in the laptop in your room. The ones you can actually apply to will give you an option to do so. In case you are old and slow as me and tend to forget things easily - dont panic. The place of work and its work hours can be found in your personal profile section by clicking the 'info' button. For a couple of quest lines you will need to be buffed up and able to fight. To actually pay for those lessons you need the job. Distributing flyers will only pay for just so much training which is why you want to streamline here. Dont spend any money on gifts yet and dont talk to your sister yet. Use all the money from flyer distribution for bodybuilding only - no fighting just yet. When your body is at least 'sporty' you should be able to apply for the construction worker job. This one pays better and has the side effect of training your body. From now on its up to you what you prioritize. I personally suggest to stick to training only and wait out the gifts until your body reaches the upper limit (inflated) and your fighting skills allow you to at least 'fight one' (this requires 14 fighting lessons all in all). The body training will also allow you to take the best payd job as a model later on which should give you a constant income stream without excessive working hours. Your goal should be to achieve this point before mid august - that is the time when you need to enlist at the university.

If you follow this suggestion you can make a save at this point and put it aside as you havnt touched any quests yet or started any triggers. Now you can freely chase all the chicks and milfs as you like - within the restrictions and quest lines expectations that is. If push comes to shove and you messed up along some questline its easy to come back to this save and try again.

Regarding stat changes of other characters:
If you feel you are not getting anywhere with a character because their stats dont seem to change after 10-15 attempts chances are high that you need to trigger a certain event or have to perform a certain action first. Refer to the excellent character walkthroughs in here or drop a question in the discussion forum - but please try to read the guides and subsequent postings first before asking away.

Characters in general:
All characters in the game basically have a daily schedule. You will be able to meet the same character at the same location in certain time periods. Some are very static (like mom in the morning between 08:00 -09:00 in the kitchen) but some are a bit dynamic. Meaning the character CAN be found in a location but you might have to try to go there more than once. As far as locations and times are concerned you should be able to extract this from the conversation and/or texts while a scene occurs. Sleeping and bathing schedules differ for most persons but will generally occur in the morning between 06:00-10:00 and in the evening between 18:00-22:00 (with a few exceptions to this). So if you want or need to peep on someone in the shower those are the periods you want to check for. This goes with all other activities as well. Typical day activities will happen between 08:00 - 19:00 and typical night activities will occur thereafter. The period between 00:00 and 06:00 is considered night.
The game does not offer any kind of log or schedule overview so this should be on your personal notes on a desk somewhere.
Some characters are related or intertwined with someone else. Siblings are the simplest example, boss and employee are another form of this relation. You might need to build up relations with someone else before you will have access to a certain person. Try to keep an eye out for remarks in responses or comments in scenes. The game is deliberately slow and encourages the player to visit locations often and at various times etc. Do this and you might find rewards and scenes you wont see explained in the walkthroughs (yet).

Edit: As this seems to be a recurring problem for people i add this extra info in here as a general tip:
When any of the walkthrough steps require you to 'talk' to someone it might not be obvious when or where. This is why i added the information about npc's schedule. Some dialog options will not change a flag when the dialog hasnt been performed in the 'preferred' location or time. As an example: Most dialog that will change or progress a quest line where one is required to talk to the Mom has to be done in the morning in the kitchen or in the evening in her room before 'bedtime' (night). If you encounter that nothing is changing in the dialog options and you are sure you did everything as required chances are more than high that you are talking at the wrong time or the wrong location. So dont keep repeating yourself but change time and/or location until the dialog option shows up.

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