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Game Information

Size2.17 GB


Game EngineUnity

About the game

The game obviously is inspired by the DCAU and has elements of the episode “Grudge Match” from season 2 of the JLU series, but this is completely parody. Not everything is hinged on that but it’s the loose concept for the game to take place. Instead of starting an underground pit fighter you’re starting more like a brothel/strip club. I wanted to stay away from the Training idea because it’s just so much harder to make it make any sense and keep the characters relatively true. In this you’ll simply upgrade their control devices and eventually be able to just inject whatever personality you want. It’s of course based on Akabur’s Princess Trainer but I wanted to have more freedom to just do whatever. The game plays the same though, you generate money daily to unlock more things. I’m still figuring out what will actually be in the game at the initial release just based on time. I plan to keep adding to it though, everything in this game has been designed to be expanded. So you can think of the first official release more as a milestone and more will come in the future. The game will be released for free with an exclusive content for Patreon supporters.​

– Blackfire Content

– Cell Titjob Scenes​
– Cell Blowjob Scenes​
– Cell Blowjob Cumshot Scenes​
– Cell Sex Scenes​
– Cell Sex Cumshot Scenes​
– Cell Anal Scenes​
– Cell Anal Cumshot Scenes​
– Leash Scenes​

– Darci Mason Content

– Normal Costume​
– Normal Intro Scene​
– Swimsuit Costume​
– Swimsuit Intro Scene​
– Maid Costume​
– Maid Intro Scene​
– Slut Costume​
– Slut Intro Scene​
– Trenchcoat Costume​
– Robotics Lab Scene​
– Cell Dance Scenes​
– Cell Strip Scenes​
– Cell Handjob Scenes​
– Cell Handjob Cumshot Scenes​
– Cell Throatjob Scenes​
– Cell Sex Scenes​
– Cell Sex Cumshot Scenes​
– Cell Anal Scenes​
– Leash Scenes​

– Starfire Content

– Slut Costume​
– Slut Intro Scene​
– Cell Dance Scene Variants​
– Cell Titjob Scenes​
– Cell Blowjob Scenes​
– Cell Blowjob Cumshot Scenes​
– Cell Sex Scenes​
– Cell Anal Scenes​
– Cell Anal Cumshot Scenes​
– Leash Scenes​
  • Extract the compressed file to an specific folder.
    (WinRAR is not reliable. Please use 7Zip instead for extracting.)
  • Open the folder and run the .exe file to play.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 2.17 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


v2.2.1 Walkthrough Guide

Guide by Evidencija


Comprehensize Scene Guide

Walkthrough Link

v2.1.6 Walkthrough Guide


Save Mod: Download

What the mod does:

  • Set every NPC available

    • May reset the next day

  • Unlock every location

  • Unlock character that are quest-locked

  • Unlock every outfit on living quarter

More info on the mod found on -> Read this thing.txt

Installation of the mod

  • Download

  • Extract the content into your game folder.

  • Double Click on saveslotX (X being the number of your file)

  • Click yes

  • Open the game Something Unlimited

    • Don't forget to press C on main map to activate cheat

Import/Export Saves:

Did you want to backup your save or maybe import from someone else? All you have to do is the following. It is 100% safe and sharing or downloading another Resgistry will do nothing to you system other than delete your previous file. See warning for details.

Warning: downloading a Registry or sharing your own will DELETE whichever slot you chose (1, 2 or 3) when opening it. Take that into consideration when messing with the Registry.

If you want to find your Registry to backup or share it, do the following:

1. Press Windows Key + R
2. In the Run command enter regedit
3. Once the Registry is open and you select yes for Windows to open it, look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER
4. Scroll down to Software and double click on it
5. Scroll down to Someguy and double click on it
6. Open Something Unlimited
7. Go to File and then Export. Save it to wherever on the computer
8. Upload it to Zippy

If you want to Overwrite a Slot Save:

1. Download or find where you saved a Reg File
2. Open said Reg file
3. A warning will come up saying if you want to make changes to the Registry
4. Say yes (It's safe)
5. Wait for the changes to be made and that should be it

If you want to back up your current save, and still want to download a new one, you still can. Follow the same steps and stop at 7. You can only have 1 current save for each Slot. If you know you are going to Download a Save for Slot 1 but want to keep your old one, just keep it in a safe place. When you are done, just open up the same Reg File and that should bring back your old one.

The Registry can be difficult to understand.

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