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About the game

In a world where a zombie virus has spread, transforming people into voracious sex-hungry shemales, you play as a young woman searching for supplies to survive

v3.5 is out: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43881744

New Content:

– New Scenario: Scarlet Mansion
– A short scene commissioned by a patron, involving watersports. Use the code hentai to view it.

A very short changelog, but scarlet mansion has like 21 scenes so I’m not to sad about that. The commissioned scene was written a while back and can be viewed as basically a preview for Typhoid Mary. Just like with previous scenarios feel free to use the pool noodle cheat if stuck.

So, Scarlet Mansion! This one is definitely an oddball compared to other scenarios. For one, there are no bad ends. This is because a lot of the mansion’s design was laid out before the game had a quicksave system (which should tell how how far some pieces of this scenario were thought up). For those of you who liked the bad ends though don’t worry, I ultimately decided to include some, they just didn’t make it in in time. That combined with the fact that a lot of scenes are of other people’s fates means that this plays very differently than something like The Facility.

Now, this scenario uses a new mechanic! If you’re stuck somewhere the administrator’s bedroom has a memo with a hint for what that new mechanic is. If you’re having trouble finding a certain set of somethings…

There was an absolute ton of stuff left on the cutting room floor, I’m literally crying right now. At least it means there’s more to come, right? Don’t go looking into the script files and spoiling yourself! Or do, if you really want, it’s a mess though. Unused events are in the sceneList.js near the bottom in the writeEvent function. My plan is to have the option to disable all electronics in the mansion for some collectible goodies, exposing yourself to danger unless you went out and lewded all the infected already. Then an alternate ending in this “dark mansion”.

There was a chase scene through the mansion that was also cut, but I’m not sure I’ll bring that one in. The ending feels sudden, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the main villain an intelligent queen, so she ends up being… The way she currently is. Sorry if it’s disappointing, lemme know what you’d do with her instead!

As it stands sorry if anything feels rushed, or if the secrets are more tedious to find than fun. For me it was refreshing to write and the scenes came to me in batches. Overall I hope you enjoy, and as always I welcome any feedback! I even have an anonymous suggestion box if you’re too shy to post here, I respond to these once a month on my patreon. Post in it here: http://freesuggestionbox.com/pub/atouyqk

As always I appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy! Bitch Medicenter did very well for a single release, I think, it’s actually almost caught up to rainy in likes.

  • Extract and run.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 175.4 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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