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Version: 1.4 (Finished)by Illusion Last Update: 20 October, 2019
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Size8.17 GB


Game EngineUnity

About the game

Download: MEGA – Game + Addons & Updates. Full Games (already installed. Just click your version of the game – 64 BIT or 32 BIT. Didn’t test it yet however, I’ll do it tomorrow if I can. Password for the extraction is: adugames). Thanks to @geno4952

.torrent attached. You can choose what you want to download: the first one provide the complete game already patched, with DLC and everything but requires installation. Also contains the file for the uncensored version, but it’s compatible with the 1.0. Don’t install that. Instead, download the 1.1 that is here.
The second one provide the game and doesn’t requires installation at all (but it’s without English patch, Uncensored patch and such, it’s only updated with the latest version. Vanilla, more or less). Just download, extract and then play.

  • Mount Playhome Disk 1 ISO
  • Open Disk 1 and right click on setup.exe and run as Admin this will start the game install make sure you install the game in root of the C: drive so your game path should look like this C:\\illusion\playhome It will ask to create the illusion folder if you do not have one already
  • When the game install is about 3/4 of the way it will ask for disk 2 so unmount disk 1 and mount disk 2 in the same drive as disk 1 then click ok.
  • I open C: drive in one window and in another I have the playhome folder I created that has the game ISO and patches and translations. I then open the first dlc folder and right click on the exe file and run it as Admin. After the first dlc is done extracting it creates a folder I then copy that folder and paste it in to C:\\illusion. I do the same for the second dlc folder.
  • Still with C:\\illusion window and second window open to where you have downloaded all of the playhome files. In the C:\\illusion window I create a new folder and call it Backup. I then click on the first dlc folder that I copied over to to C:\\illusion and open the top folder. In that folder I right click on Filecopy.exe and run as Admin I do this for all of the DLC folders which there are 3.
  • After I have install the DLCs I copy all of the files in C:\\illusion\playhome folder and paste them in to the Backup folder I had created before I installed the DLCs.
  • Now that the game and DLCs have been installed and a Backup copy of all of the files has been made. I run the game in admin mode to make sure that the game will play. After the test run in admin mode I still have the game folder open in one window and a second window open to the downloaded patches and translation.
  • Copy all of the files in the IPA folder and past them into the game folder. When it ask would you like to replace these file click yes. After that is done coping I drag the 32.exe and 64.exe over the IPA.exe this will patch and create a new .exe file for both 32 and 64.
  • After the IPA.exe has done it job I open Kenzato PH folder and copy all of the folders in this folder and paste them in to the game folder when it ask if you like to replace the files click yes.
  • After that is done coping over I open UITranslation.v0.16.3-PlayHome folder and extract the 7z called UITranslation.v0.16.3-PlayHome it will create a new folder called UITranslation.v0.16.3-PlayHome I then open that folder and copy all of the folders in that folder and paste them in to the game folder when it ask to replace file click yes.
  • After step 10 is done coping I open the folder called playhome custom texture patch which has a folder inside call playhome in which I open and copy all of the files except the readme file and paste them into the game folder when it ask to replace the files click yes. After it is done coping over right click PHcustomtexturePatch.exe and run as admin
  • when step 11 is done I open the folder called PlayHome_English_Launcher_v0.2 and copy all of the files in the folder and paste them into the game folder.
  • After step 12 is done I right click InitSettingEnglish.exe and run as admin. I then chose my graphic settings and run the game.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 8.17 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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