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No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock’s Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.

-New assignments:
—A Special follow up assignment to A Gem for Nothing. Has two commissions provided by a patron. Can get one or two new uniques from this one. Both with new aspects and lore pages. Also potentially has a ‘Bad End’ for your leader on the Disaster.
-Removal Overhaul
—There’s now a base 75% chance for something else to happen if a slaver would before have been removed from the encampment on an assignment. This will only apply if there was a risk of being wounded instead. Automatic removals where there’s no way to avoid it will still apply as before
— This can either be gaining Cowardly, Heroic, Sex Addict, Unruly, Peaceful+Sympathetic, or the slaver refusing outright to return to that Region. All of those come with a extra hit of morale loss. If gaining a trait that will lose a trait slot.
—Can get more than one Region blocked, but not the same one twice. It’s also not possible to get the Great Plains blocked (also not the Deep Mountains in the Lady of Many Feathers scenario). The unlockable region counts as Deep Mountains for the purpose of these.
—Golems, Wrights, and those already Obedient or Heroic are not likely to be so shaken and so will be removed as before.
—If the slaver has a trait that would not be compatible with the alternative result such as having Follower for Unruly or Reserved for Sex Addict they will be removed as before.
—If the slaver later gains Heroic, Obedient, or are made a slave they can ignore any Region blocking they may have got from these alternatives to being removed.
—Slavers with Unruly now take additional moral loss if the normal base Encampment morale change is in the negatives.
—It is now much easier to Dismiss a slaver with Cowardly, Sympathetic, or has got one of the new Region blocks.
—Added a new save on Standard assignments to greatly increase the chance that the slaver will be wounded instead. To preserve some of ol’ Scout the Deep Mountains bite it will Badly Wound now.
—Increased the existing save for removals to woundings on Crits/Successes by a bit.
-New commissions:
—Basic and Advanced Obedience Training. Will both be used for Male Cathayans, and the Basic will be used for untrained Orkhai slaves, and the Advanced will be used for Orkhai having been through training or already inclined to behave.
—Human Fancy Slavers. Current vine tentacle one will be used for slaves. Will be used for an assignment in a later update.
—Sea Elf Bimbos. Will be used for an assignment in a later update.
—Profane Ritual with two variations. Now you’ll know in advance based on the art if the naughty adversary will be female or futa in advance. Also to reflect the art there’s no more chance of her being a Savage Orc, and the sacrifice will no longer always be a commoner, but now any race with an increased chance of being Draenei. Will also always respect general order to enslave if that’s been set to female or futa. Will also be used for Savage Orc females and Futanari which means that every race now has at least one commission to represent the race.
-Miscellaneous additions:
—Redid part of the Submissive text of the Barbarous Bargains results as the first version was missing a bunch of text so it didn’t make as much sense as it should.
—Reworded and expanded the Success texts on Raid Elven Farm to fix some readability issues and to improve upon what was previously there.
—Expanded and corrected the text for Disasters for Heal Slut Training / Bimbo Training / Anal Training where the slave had Obedient.
—Added another pause to the Witch-Queen success results to break up the text some more.
—Expanded the intro to Raid High Elven Dwelling. Also fixed the High risk not being suitably red to warn that it is infact High.
—The succubus-ification from Arrogance Subjugated now also wipes any hypnotic mantras.
—Added a note to the Special of Advance Obedience Training about how higher will is needed to be able to get Obedient from the training.
Starting Options Extended fixes:
–Critical fix for random recruited unique crashing the game.
—Fix for most of the Difficulty ones not applying including the change of difficulties and not getting the extra supplies and/or gold.
—Fix for the extra traits not showing.
-Bug fixes:
—Fix for Shuffled Deck not starting if Severina is currently not assignable or on an Encampment Role.
—Fix for Keldan Alley repeat and Lead Astray not using the updated expiry managing mechanic.
—Fix for Alice Charmane having a default history rather than a specific one, so no more former rat catcher Alices.
—Fix for cancelling assignments not clearing a specific variable that was causing weirdness with certain aspects and bonuses.
—Fix for a bunch of assignments that had pauses followed by extra text for their results that were using the same green as Successes instead of the different one used for Crits.
—Fix for Quicker than they Like not having a rarity when it should have been a Special assignment.
—Fix for being able to also take Feminine or Beautiful if you’ve already taken the new Exceptional Beauty/Fem.
—Fix for not being able to select the following lady Human starts: Mutinous Fancy Slave, Whore Errant, and Cityborn Cult Leader.
—Fix for having Friendly as a favoured or unfavoured trait affecting Spiteful.
—For the sake of humanity the double spaces prior to the auction coming up messages have been eliminated.
—Fix for Spectacle of the Sacred not adding the potential new slavers/slaves that it should be making the counts go wrong.
—Fix for Innocent slaves not coming with their virginities intact and so having the wrong pussy description.
—Fix for Shun the Other and the increased chance of being same race as you breaking forced gender choices for Asaenei, Ori’Nek, and other fem/futa races.
—Fix for Cumdumps only having the regular slave usage rather than the possible everyone in the encampment they were supposed to be having.
—Fix for Titfuck Training going off twice on slavers that can be trained.
—Fix for slavers that can be trained as slaves making the slavers on assignment count wonky.
—Some text fixes

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "noheaven.rags" to start playing.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 127.98 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Cheat Mod: Download

Just download and play with RAGS player 2.4.16


Name yourself, your slaves and slaves *
* Slave renaming only partially implemented​

Set day and month
Set Patreon Name (will give Patreon Bonuses)
Give Any Trait to yourself, your slavers and your slaves
Give most Aspects to yourself, your slavers and your slaves
Remove ALL aspects and Traits from yourself, your slavers and your slaves
Modify the body of you, your slavers and your slaves (Biomancy without fail)
Set race for yourself, your slavers and your slaves
Set gender for yourself, your slavers and your slaves
Set profession for yourself, yours slavers and your slaves
Set desired amount of gold and supplies at will
No trait points / no trait limit on character creation
Generate random slaver ***
Chose 1 from 5 randomly generated slavers​

Generate random slave ***
*** Can be guided by selecting preferred slave race, slave gender / slaver race, slaver gender from Orders on yourself​

Generated Slavers and Slaves does not count to wards min / max amounts
Set maximum amount of Slavers
Set maximum amount of Slaves
Set counted number of slaves
Set counted number of slavers****
**** Will count for some checks, but will not reduce encampment actions (including consumption)​

Remove unwanted slavers / slaves
No limit on daily talk actions
No limit on "Personal Assignment" on yourself
Generate Assignments
Remove Assignments
Generate Potions
Generate Armour
Generate Clothing

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