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Version: 0.43 Extra (Ongoing)by Mai Last Update: 16 May, 2021
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Game Information

Size1.92 GB


Game EngineRen'Py

About the game

“Lustful Actions” is a game about a guy who recently graduated from high school and enrolled in college.
He isn’t a popular guy between girls, but not for that long.​

  • Extract and run.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.92 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


After the end of the introduction, you are standing in the hallway, it is now 22:00. Go to Linda's bedroom, she is reading a magazine.
Talk to her, tell a joke, it improves Linda's attitude towards you.
Go back to Linda's bedroom. As you can see, she is already asleep. Remember, Linda goes to bed at 11:00 pm.
Go to own room. We use a PC, watch porn. From this, lust increases and we get a boner. You can jerk off now, but it won't do any good. (The bathroom is located next to your room, so jerking off is best when Linda is in the bathroom so she can catch you.)
Turn off the computer and go to bed. As you can see, we sleep with a powerful erection.
We wake up at 07:50, go to the kitchen. Linda is making us breakfast. Remember, Linda prepares breakfast at 08:00. We talk with her.
First we say good morning to her, then we tell her a joke.
We were left alone in the kitchen, Linda had gone somewhere. We go to her bedroom. So, her door is closed. Our lust is too small to open the door now. We knock on the door, Linda says that she is naked and asks not to enter.
Go to the bathroom, Linda is already here, making a make-up. At 9:00 we go to the kitchen, compliment Linda, asking about work.
When Linda go to work after breakfast, tell her that she looks great.
Now go to our room, use the PC.
As you can see, we cannot get down to work yet. The thing is, we still have a erection. And what kind of work can be if we have erection? Therefore, we jerk off.
We use the computer again. We are working, and as you can see, in three hours, we earned $ 5.
To increase your earnings, you need to study. We study, three hours have passed, and increase the intellect for +1. Turn off the PC, go into the hallway.
Linda came home from work. We tell a joke, because Linda's good mood is to our advantage. We go to the bathroom. Again our lust is very low we cannot open the door.
Therefore, we just knock on the door, Linda is in the bathroom at 18:00. At 18:30 we go to Linda's bedroom, again the door is closed, remember this.
At 19:00 we go to the kitchen, Linda is preparing dinner. We return to the kitchen. Dinner with Linda. We go into the living room.
Linda wants to watch her show, you cannot endure such torment and you leave.
At 21:00 we go to Linda's bedroom. The door is closed, we knock, she is not dressed again and asks not to enter. It will be possible to visit Linda only after 22:00.
I wonder what she did there for a whole hour, nude? We joke and go to our room.
We go to bed right away. Waking up, we go to the living room, Linda is doing yoga, we remember at 07:00. We say Good Morning and watch.
We go to the bathroom, Linda has already there.
We remember at 07:30 Linda, warmed up by yoga, goes to the bathroom. What if she notices me when I jerk off in my room? We go to the kitchen, joking. We go into the bath, we admire how Linda makes a makeup.
Let's go to breakfast, not forgetting to say a compliment. We leave the house. We go on foot to the clinic. After back home.
We meet Linda in the hallway at 5:30 pm, joking. We open the phone and look at our stats. To continue, we need to increase our lust. Go to own room, watch porn, and go to bed with a boner until 11:30 pm.
Wake up and jerking off at 07:30 so Linda can catch us. Linda spotted us, but quickly left, maybe next time she can stay?
Study, work, watch porn, leave the house. Take a walk near the house, we meet a flower girl, we say a compliment.
You can buy flowers from her and give them to Linda when she prepares breakfast. Flowers affect Linda's stats:
Red roses "Linda's relation +7 and Linda's lust -5"
Pink roses "Linda's relation +3 and Linda's lust +1"
Red roses "Linda's relation +1 and Linda's lust +2"
Bride red bouquet "Linda's lust +5"
Bride red-white bouquet "Linda's relation +7 and Linda's lust +7"
Bride red-white bouquet "Linda's relation +15 and Linda's lust -10"
Gothic bouquet "Linda's relation -5 and Linda's lust -5"

But while we have little money, we end the conversation and move on. There is a prostitute across the street, but we don't notice her, we still have low lust.
In order for us to notice it, we need to increase our own lust. Let's go home.

We check our stats on the phone, our lust is already 3, but we need to raise it more than 10.
Therefore, in the coming days we will work, study, watch porn, communicate with Linda, doze off in our free time, go to bed no later than 23:30 and jerk off at 07:30.
It's better not to stroll down the street just like that, somebody can rob you.
The third time Linda catches us masturbating, the message "Linda's horny +1" will appear. For the fourth time we will notice it ourselves.
If she is already wearing a pink robe, remind her of this incident in the kitchen when she prepares breakfast, it may affect her lust.
When our lust is over 10, we can be bolder, open doors and tell dirty jokes to Linda.
At 18:00 we go to the bathroom, the door is locked, we open it. Then we go to the bedroom, there we also open the door, but this time we were unlucky, we got caught, it hurt the relationship.
It is very important not to bring the relationship to 0, or even worse, to negative values.
At 21:00 we go back to the bedroom. The door is closed, what is Linda doing there?
We return at 21:30, open the door. At 23:00 we come closer, pull off the blanket, look, touch, but do not forget, that we might be caught. After go to bed.
Continue to watch porn, increasing our lust to 21, we increase Linda's stats, giving her bouquets when she prepares breakfast, tell joking and lusty joking. By increasing Linda's lust, she will dress more revealingly.
While the main character has an erection, he cannot work. So work first and watch porn later. Once Linda's lust is over 10, her outfits will change.
When the intellect of the MC becomes more than 7, the teacher will call him on a weekday morning.
Now we need to find a better paying job, sit down at the computer and search until we find it. After 10:00 we leave the house, call a taxi, go to the agency.
This story line is all for now, but someday there will be a continuation in updates.
Go to NASTY BURGER, our classmate works here. Here you can buy food with you, its use has not yet been implemented.
Go to the store to talk to the saleswoman, buy something. As you can see, there are sold food and alcohol, we will also need this only in future updates.
Return home. Bring the lust of the protagonist to 21. Now we can ask Linda for a goodnight kiss.
We leave for a walk near the house during the day. We go further the flower girl, now we notice a prostitute. We earn the required amount and go to the store. We now have cash.
In the afternoon we go to Teresa's. Be sure to save game before going to Teresa a second time (Linda will come to the clinic in work clothes, and this is four variants of Linda's clothes.).
If you have the extraEVO version of the game, at dinner offer Linda a walk in the park, this time she will agree.
Now Linda will help with the boner every morning. We bring the lust of the protagonist to 31. Now we can get closer to Linda as she masturbates in her bedroom. Raising Linda's lust to 86, she decides to work with her mouth.

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