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Version: Ep. 3p2 (Ongoing)by Bitter Strawman Last Update: 18 July, 2020
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Game Information

Size1.76 GB


Game EngineRen'py

About the game

The story is about a guy with amnesia trapped in a city. He makes new friends and enemies trying to recall who he is and to find out the reason why some people can’t cross the border of the city.​

6K words, 330 renders, 1 sex scene with lesbian/futa editions

  • Extract the compressed file to an specific folder.
    (WinRAR is not reliable. Please use 7Zip instead for extracting.)
  • Open the folder and run the .exe file to play.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.76 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough :1. Kazumi

a) "Did you try to keep it simple?" - Kazumi 0

b) "There is noone to blame" – Kazumi +1

2. Kazumi

a) "I'm really sorry it played out that way." - Kazumi -1

b) "At least what you have is already something." - Kazumi +1

If Kazumi relationship = 2 – she will ask you to come another time, opening one more possibility

3. Monika

a) “Weird truth”

b) “Easy to believe”

This choice affects possibility for Monika to make up with Elsa

4. Monika

a) “You’re not good enough for me anyway” = Monika +1

b) “You don’t know me”

5. Monika

a) "Maybe it's you who's only good for drinking with?" - Monika +1

b) "Maybe you're just serial bad decision maker?"

If Monika relationship = 2 – she will perform a dance for you

6. Elsa

a) "Cheer her up"

b) "Persuade her"

This choice affects possibility for Elsa to make up with Monika

7. Rika

a) "Why should I not?"

b) "She was cute" – Rika +1

c) "I don't even know myself" – Rika +2

8. Rika

a) "I am sure" +1

b) "I’m not sure"

(s1) If Rika relationship = 3 – she will give you useful information on Diana and Olga

9. Olga or Diana

a) Go to Olga first

b) Go to Diana first

This choice is mandatory to solve the coffee shop situation.

(s2) It depends very much on your previous choices. Possible routes are

If you don’t have info from Rika

a) give coffee shop to Diana on disadvantageous terms (+5 Diana -10 Olga)

b) save coffee shop under Olga ownership with Elsa employed (+5 Olga -10 Diana)

If you have info from Rika

c) Ditch them both (-10 Olga -10 Diana)

If you have info from Rika and good relationship with Kazumi (2)

d) save coffee shop under Elsa ownership with debt repayment partitioned over time (+10 to Olga, -10 Diana)

routes c) and d) give you additional lewd scene in cafe

if you go to Diana first with Rika info

10. Olga

a) Mention her daughter – death route

b) Do not mention her daughter

12. Diana

a) Call Diana’s partners – route c)

b) Do not call Diana’s parners - route a)

if you go to Olga first with Rika info

11. Olga

a) Mention her daughter – Olga -5

b) Do not mention

13. Kazumi – appears only if you’re in a good relationship with Kazumi and chose Olga’s route d)

a) Talk straight – Kazumi -5

b) Rephrase offer – Kazumi +5

mistake – written to 12 field

Final talk between Monika and Elsa depends on choices 3 and 6 (s3)

3a and 6a/3b and 6b – successful reconciliation (s3 = 1)

3a and 6b/3b and 6a – unsuccessul (s3 = 2)

Episode 2

This episode has not so many choices. Your available routes come from episode1 choices.

Monika route is available if Monika and Elsa got successful reconciliation in episode 1. Monika route has optional futa in it.
To make reconciliation successful you need to choose
"Weird truth" and "Cheer her up"
"Easy to believe" and "Persuade her".

Olga/Diana route appears if you chose Olga/Diana route in ep1.

Surrender to the police (Elsa route) is available always.

Cassiopeia and Eos (Diana route)

Aurora Tiamat Eos have big boobs. Therefore Aurora Tiamat Eos are Camilla Claire Jade. Cassiopeia and Venus have small/average boobs therefore Cassiopeia and Venus – Emily and Jill

Aurora Venus Cassiopeia are abusing bar. Jade blames Camilla Emily and Jill for being drunk everyday. Only Aurora has big boobs so Aurora is Camilla.

Claire and Emily tell us that they like to cook. There is a twid about steak cooking competition between Venus and Tiamat. Venus has small boobs, Tiamat – big ones, so Venus – Emily and Tiamat – Claire

That leaves us Jill and Jade. Jill has small boobs – Jill is Cassiopeia. Jade is Eos.

Snitch (Olga route)

Long story:

Vlad is gay, doesn’t match the profile.

Jakub has a witness, his mistress.

Dragan is junkie, Diana wouldn’t work with him.

Zbigniew and Marek are the best candidates

Short story:

We can see on a video that snitch has a ring on ring finger.

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