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Version: 0.43.1 (Ongoing)by Vren Last Update: 8 August, 2021
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Size1.69 GB


Game EngineRen'py

About the game

Lab Rats 2: Down to Business:
Iis set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy.
The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire.
The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.

Prequel: Lab Rats

– Role looks-like checking is now recursive, making it easier to have chains of similar roles.
– Orgasms now have a chance to put a girl into a trance state. Chance is depenedant on their current Suggestability.
– Added three trance states. If already in a trance a girl move to the next stage if she would normally enter a trance.
– Happiness effects are amplified by +50%/100%/200% while a girl is in a trance state.
– Removed Core sluttiness as a game mechanic.
– Added change_slut function as the singular way of changing sluttiness.
– change_slut now takes max_modified_to argument. Clamps sluttiness to this value when raising or lowering it.
– change_slut_temp and change_slut_core now both pass arguments to change_slut to (hopefully) ease mod transitions to the new mechanics.
– Removed all references to core_sluttiness in crises, replaced by changes to normal sluttiness where appropriate.
– Updated all calls to change_slut_temp and change_slut_core to just change_slut
– Removed bleed_slut. Sluttiness changes are now permanent (unless from a temporary source like serum or event circumstances).
– Sluttiness increases due to arousal is now displayed in the same way as other situational sluttiness changes, along with having it’s own tooltip entry.
– Base Sluttiness now displayed as gold hearts (same icons as core sluttiness previously)
– Sluttiness increases due to situational changes now displays as red hearts. (same icons as temp sluttiness previously)
– Sluttiness decreases due to situational changes now display as greyed out hearts.
– Added Trainable class to hold information about what can be trained when a girl is in a trance.
– Trainables have a Clarity cost, which increases every time that or a similar Trainable is successfully trained.
– Added ability for Trainables to be disabled but not hidden and display what requirement is missing.
– Added “influence her” option when a girl is in a trance and you have enough time to do so.
– Added Trainables to train a girls Charisma, Intelligence, and Focus.
– Added Trainables to train Suggestability.
– Added Trainables to train Sluttiness, Obedience, Love.
– Added Trainables to train specific work skills.
– Added Trainables to train specific sex skills.
– Added Trainables to discover opinions.
– Added Trainables to strengthen or weaken opinions.
– Added Trainables to inspire new opinions.
– Added Trainables selection UI.
– change_slut now takes an additional max_modified_to parameter. Sluttiness gained above this threshold is not added.
– player status hud now displays the current day as month + day to match fertility calculations.
– Updated exising events that feature narrative female orgasms to properly trigger trances.
– Rewrote tier 1 head researcher serum research event to incorporate trances and act as an early trance tutorial.
– HR employee effects are now calculated last each turn, resulting in more accurate and consistent efficency values being displayed.
– Girls climaxing from a sex position they have an opinion of now have a small modifier to trance chance: +-2/4%. Allows for trances without serum, with enough dedication.
– Trance chance increases by 1% for every orgasm a girl has already experienced.
– Added “Climax Cycler” serum trait, a tier 2 serum trait that triggers orgasm code (ie. triggers Trances) once per turn of duration.
– Added “Instant Trance” serum trait, a special trait unlocked by presenting Nora with someone who is under the highest level of Trance.
– Suggestability can now be a negative number, representing someone who is resistant for some reason to falling into a Trance.
– Girls who masturbate at the end of the day due to high arousal trigger Trance checks (but trance is likely to expire by morning unless Suggestibility is very high)
– Added on_move function to serum trait definitions. Serum on_move effects are calculated at the start of the on_move phase, and are useful for effects that might otherwise be cleared on turn end (like Trances).
– Tweaked default choice screen to prevent options from being cut off on very long lists.
– Added trance notifcation to HUD when it is triggered.
– Added orgasm branches to night time boob and vagina groping.
– Organised several files containing interaction actions into their own folder.

– Fixed incorrect date check in one of the Gabrielle boobjob event checks.
– Fixed incorrect function call when asking Jen for her to bless you dating Lily.
– Fixed improper option definition in sleep limited time event.
– Fixed many typos.
– Fixed crash caused by toxic serum side effect trait.
– Fixed several crashes caused by incorrect person variable references.
– Fixed Jennifer not remembering you had sex when she ends up pregnant if it happened during morning sex random event.
– Fixed crash during one of Emily’s strip-study branches.
– Fixed Jennifer not properly being convinced by one girlfriend option despite saying she was.
– Fixed Instapic girls acting as if they had sent you topless/nude shots even if they hadn’t and getting paid for it.
– Fixed Instapic girls telling you about their Onlyfans, even if they don’t have one.
– Fixed pregnant girls not returning to their old schedules after giving birth, resulting in employees not showing up for work again.
– Added unit tests for new opinion manipulation code.
– Added unit tests for trance inducing mechanics.
– Added integration tests for Training interaction.
– Fixed multiple cases of incorrect opinion/state checks inside of Person class (was checking currently interacted person, not the person object referenced).
– Fixed girls putting their normal uniforms on after having a forced uniform set.
– Fixed inhibition supressor not properly applying sluttiness increase (but still applying the matching decrease!).

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "executable_name.exe" to start playing.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.69 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


Console Commands: = xx = xx

mc.charisma = xx = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills["Foreplay"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Oral"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Vaginal"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Anal"] = xx

Cheat Mod

Content Cheat Mod


  • Set company funds to any number.

  • Set all your stats to any number.

  • Set all sex skills to any number.

  • Set all work skills to any number.


Extract and put the rpy file in /game/ folder.

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