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Version: 0.888.0 (Ongoing)by Scarlett Young Last Update: 11 April, 2021
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Size8.5 MB


Game EngineOther

About the game

An erotic adult RPG strategy adventure through time: Kronos Time Titan allows you to explore the sandbox of time where you mate with beautiful women and defeat sexy foes in order to restore your Titan powers. With every new Titan power unlocked you can discover new ways to seduce women and find your way into their loincloths!​

  • WARNING: Older saves are NOT compatible with this version. Updating to this version WILL erase all save progress including captured girls. Unlocked outfits are stored on the game server and are not affected by this update.
  • NOTE: Due to some major changes to the file structure which required rewrites to every scene and script, some bugs might have been introduced. Please report any issues right away, especially for things that used to work fine but are now causing problems.
  • New Features
    • Stash (inventory) added to the world maps. Now you can see what items you have currently from both the world map and the strategic grid (battle map).
    • Titan Powers you have unlocked or start the game with are now shown in your stash (inventory).
    • Girls’ “Essence” you acquire when you take their virginity now show up in your stash (inventory) and you will not lose them when rewinding time.
    • Girls you have successfully captured and sent to Castle Kronos now show up in your stash (inventory).
    • Boss enemies you have defeated to retain a Titan Power now show up in your stash (inventory).
  • Changes
    • World Map movement points doubled from 3 to 6! This makes travel across the world maps less frustrating.
    • World Map speed increased and is more responsive!
    • Top-level “data” folder replaced with “game” folder instead to avoid confusion with a lower “data” folder.
    • Significant changes to the file structure and save format in order to pave the way for new features like companions and slut skills. Old saves are NOT compatible.
    • Game Launcher updated to accommodate new game folder.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Mind Control button was not appearing correctly on some maps.
    • Movement X no longer remains visible if the player runs out of morement points on the world map.
    • Fixed some positioning issues with the world map where player and NPC tokens would not appear in the center of tiles at the end of their turns.
  • Known Issues
    • Enemies don’t always attack when they should. Fleeing enemies will stop moving once they leave the screen.
    • Players are able to strip NPCs again and again without ending their turn.
    • If Energy amount exceeds Max Energy, the meter will extend outside of the area.
    • Players can purchase and find new clothing items even if they have already been purchased or found. This does not affect gameplay but may lead players to think they found something new when they already have it.
    • When Zoe or Brittany are following you they do not appear on any other strategic maps you travel to. This does not affect gameplay but will be fixed with the companion system.
  • There are two ways to install and play the game:
    The "Online Installation" requires the download of a single file, and that file will download all of the game data.
    The "Offline Installation" has a zip file with all of the game files together.
  • Online Installation Using Game Launcher
    Download "Windows Online Installer (KronosTimeTitan.exe) only
    Move KronosTimeTitan.exe to a folder where you want to download the game. Make sure the file path uses only English letters and numbers.
    Run KronosTimeTitan.exe
    Enter username: [email protected]
    Password will automatically fill in
    Click Login. The Launcher will connect to the game server to locate the latest version.
    Wait for "Queue" to reach zero. Free players are placed in a queue to keep server from overloading. You will ONLY need to wait in a short queue during installations or updates. Playing the game never requires waiting.
    When it's your turn, Update button will enable. Click Update.
    The launcher will automatically download and patch the game to the latest version. When finished, the login screen will appear again.
    Click Login. The game will tell you if you are on the latest version.
    Click Play.
  • If you are updating from a previous version:
    Select "RESET ALL TIMELINES" from the main menu to load any new content. Current timeline progress will restart.
    If a new girl has been added to the clothing menu then select "RESET GIRLS CLOTHES" from the main menu.
    When a new update comes out, you will not need to wait for it to be uploaded here, and you will not need to download the entire game all over again. Just click Update and the launcher will download only the new or updated files, making game updates fast and easy.
  • Offline Installation (Full Zip Download)
    Download "Windows Offline Full Zip"
    Extract zip file
    If you are updating from a previous version, copy extracted files to original game folder and overwrite all files.
    Run KronosTimeTitan.exe
    E-mail address should already be filled in with [email protected] If not, enter that email address.
    Click Login
    If you have Internet blocked, click PLAY to start the game.
    If still having problems, try running ktt.exe instead.
  • If you are updating from a previous version:
    Select "RESET ALL TIMELINES" from the main menu to load any new content. Current timeline progress will restart.
    If a new girl has been added to the clothing menu then select "RESET GIRLS CLOTHES" from the main menu.
    When a new update comes out, you can either wait for the entire package to be zipped and uploaded here, or you can click the Update button from the game launcher to automatically update to the latest version of the game.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 8.5 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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