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Version: 0.9 (Ongoing)by Mr Zed Last Update: 15 July, 2021
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Size472.5 MB


Game EngineUnity

About the game

Dungeon Coup is a realtime 3D adult dungeon crawler… but not the typical dungeon you may imagine, a (light) BDSM dungeon!
You are bound in your own dungeon and have to make all the way back into your throne room, but your horny subs will take any opportunity to prevent you from that!​

Player controller update
No, this doesn’t mean that you can play with a controller. I completely remade and changed a lot of stuff on how the player interacts with the world (as in running, walking, etc). Now the camera follows the player, which allows the game to be played one-handed. This is the biggest update on this game yet for me, as it took a lot of time and work, but the new controller and camera make the game a lot better.

Camera update
Same as with the controller, the whole camera functionality has been changed and remade from scratch(mostly). The camera now has two modes: Orbital and follow the player. You can change between modes with the Change camera key (Default C). You can still move the camera with the Camera movement keys (Default: J,K,L,I) and you can Zoom in and Zoom out with the mouse wheel. Also, with this new camera you can find in the options tab the possibility to invert X axis or invert Y axis.

The camera now also changes positions when a sex move is started to better focus on the action. (same system that is used in Kinky FIght Club)

New Bindings!
A new set of hand restraints have been added to the game, this time is a cross shaped pair of straps that force the wielder’s hands to be in the back!

Dirty Talk Improvement
The Dirty talk text now rotates with the camera and keeps at a steady size when zooming in and out, allowing for easy reading even if you are spinning the camera!

Performance Mode toggle
The performance enhancement was something that I added on the last update, and it worked wonders for the old computers, but for the newer computers it didn’t make any improvement. If you were running the game at 60+ fps before, there wasn’t any gain. However this system had a small “problem”, sometimes when the camera moved at certain angles it would hide the entire room, including where the player is, which allowed the player to see through everything and locate enemies or well, just see everything black. This only happened rarely, and never lasted more than 0.1 seconds, but in any case I didn’t want players who didn’t gain anything from the performance mode to have to deal with it’s downsides, so the performance mode is now optional and can be enabled and disabled in the Options tab.

Bug Fixes
It seems I finally managed to fix the most annoying bugs that had been plaguing the game for months:

  • Pursuers no longer spawn on start
  • Enemies will no longer move or go away while in a sex move
  • Enemies won’t drop to the ground when you are grabbed.

New Floor
The seventh floor has been added to the game! And this floor theme is latex!

This is the last of the “official” floors, with the only floor to add would be the Chaos floor (where you can meet every possible enemy!)

New character Slot
The 8th Character slot has been added to the game! And our default character is a sexy latina!

Randomized enemies improvements
The hair color for randomized enemies has been improved: Now it is more likely to get common colors (like black, brown, and blond) and there are no more chances to get shiny colors for the hair.

New Blindfold effect
The previous blindfold effect wasn’t very good, it was a good idea, afterall blindfolds reduce your vision, but it wasn’t fun to just see everything darker. Well, I remade it with a player suggestion and a bit of big brains. Now the blindfolds reduce your visibility on the world (rather than on the screen). While blindfolded in the challenger difficulty your vision radius is reduced to 1 meter (approx). This makes the game a lot more immersive, and difficult!

Balance update
Willpower regeneration has been reduced by an additional 35%. Now the game is at the difficulty it should have been for the last months. Also I made a change for immersion, due to a player suggestion: Now when cumming you lose 10% of your will and 35% of your stamina, which you quickly recover while lying in the ground.

Because cumming is tiring, but you can quickly recover that energy!

Pursuers fix
Pursuers will now properly keep pursuing the player, regardless of line of sight. (Update 0.6a broke this) in order to balance this their movement speed has been reduced by 5%. This may be fully reduced later if they probe to be too annoying.

New feature: Traps!
I added a new system for adding traps to the game, however there is only one trap currently in the game. Because of all the time I had to put on fixing the controller and camera, I’m out of time for testing the traps. I wanna focus on testing more how the new controller and camera work rather than adding more stuff that may cause bugs. So because of this, the only trap that is in the game currently is a rope trap that triggers an alarm.

If you traverse over the trap it will spawn a pursuer and lock it into finding you!

If you roll over, you won’t trigger the trap!

Minor changes
A lot of other things have been fixed, changed and/or updated, but this post is already too long to highlight every one of them.

  • Extract and run.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 472.5 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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