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Version: 2.1 (Ongoing)by AIKA Last Update: 23 February, 2020
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Size526.7 MB


Game EngineOthers

About the game

In Diaper Quest you are thrown into a virtual reality world where you are surrounded by people, monsters, traps and more that all want to diaper and humiliate you and if they succeed too often then you’ll eventually grow to enjoy it, and then eventually crave it. Can you increase your combat stats and make it past the final boss before your transformation into a pathetic diaper-dependent crybaby is complete? We here at Nintendolls sure hope not!

The game is a Rogue-like which means that everything is randomly generated and you’re not expected to save but instead to start a new game each time you play. The general idea of rogue-likes is that they are very difficult and ‘losing is fun’. You should not expect to be able to manage to win until you are quite experienced at the game.

  • New loading screen for the hotel region by JamJarMonster!
  • Character Window clothing image from Jammy:
    • Existing items:
      • Runic headband
      • Flowing priestess outfit
      • Sexy exercise bra
      • White latex giant bow dress
      • “Trick me” briefs
      • “Daddy’s little girl” panties
      • Mary jane shoes
      • Queen of hearts heels
      • Wedge heels
      • Red and black suspenders
    • New Items:
      • Bunny class stuff (see below)
  • Addressed an issue with the character window where many dresses clipped with the male torso. Where this would happen, the game instead uses the female torso for now.
  • Experimental food changes. When messing is enabled:
    • You never get hungry
    • There are no longer 25% chance of bad outcomes for eating creme eggs, pink nuggets, strawberry laces, fudges or toffees.
    • In this way, food is always something to avoid as it gets you closer to messing which is a real pain in the butt, pun not intended.
    • However, there’s still many reasons to actively eat food – for one, candy helps you win the game!
  • Easter themed bunny class with two different sets:
    • Bunny hat (obtained by wearing the bunny diaper in the pink wardrobe) spawns bunny outfit.
      • Chocolate eggs periodically spawn, ruining the hat’s +2 dexterity bonus. Eat the eggs to regain the stat bonuses!
        • There’s no further downside to this (except for the new theme of avoiding food in general, if messing is enabled)
      • Bunny booties can spawn if you’re not wearing any other shoes, they are very humiliating but get a +2 magic modifier, -1 for each chocolate egg in your possession.
    • Bunny glasses (obtained by pruposefully opening a container you’ve searched and found that there’s a trap) spawns bunny dress.
      • Bunny-vision lets you detect traps more reliably when searching containers.
      • Bunny socks will spawn with a +1 magic modifier.
    • All bunnies get +3 dexterity while in the woods.
  • The dungeon toilets are no longer found ‘gross’ by players in diaper quest.
  • When you examine yourself it now reminds you of any NPCs who have ordered you to stay in diapers.
  • After your bag of holding has become a diaper bag of holding, NPCs will prioritise (disposable clean) diapers in your bag before producing new ones themselves.
  • Download WinGit > wingit-135.zip
  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "Git.exe"
  • Find Diaperquest.gblorb and click it to start playing.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 526.7 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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