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Version: 0.25 (Ongoing)by Avenger Last Update: 22 April, 2020
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Size3.91 GB


Game EngineQSP

About the game

This fairy tale of a young virgin is pure, that it steps into a new life full of dangers, difficulties and evil peasants. The story and the truth about the young girl, a few days as a graduate of the school in the village of Greater Kuyash. She lives alone with her mother, that for many years she worked and cared for her children and now terribly shy of men. Nature takes its own, but because mummified in the corners of the corners – there is a landmark GH housing. There is also a brother who dumped on the second big game location – the city of Andreevograd, but promised to return.​

– Tech. code changes
– Partially fixed text
– Fixed off. sound in the bathroom
– Fixed conversations with Tamara
– Fixed the text while cooking GG
– Fixed changing the Andrey’s card
– Fixed breakfast during pregnancy GG
– Updated events and actions:
– GG “buys” a velek in the garage
– GG caught when she goes on foot
– GG at the teacher in accounting
– GG in the shower
– Pregnancy test
– At the head the photos on the video
are replaced – GG walks the photos on the video
are replaced – All items
are redone – The GG bag has been upgraded
– The anal lubricant now gives the GG bonus: )
– Reduced auto time. Sonya’s collection when leaving the house
– Now when GG is walking with the robber she’s in a better mood
– The laptop, coffee machine have been upgraded
– Fully works in both houses
– The purchase of food has been modernized
– Now you can buy up to 100 units at a time
– Added new statistics points
– Added description of all the major locations in the game
– Added a new full house with a plot of SG
– Sonia can move and live alone
– in the new house moved all the features of home
– You can build a bath of functionality
– you can build your t Plics with functionality
– Added a new zarobotka for HS
– Now Sonya can manage her small household :)
– For this, new items of goods have been added to the game
– Everything you need can be found on the market and farm
– Work can be done both manually and semi-automatically
– Added continuation of events from Dado and Daler
– With them a card was added
– With them events were added in the new house of GG
– With them events were added in the hall
– With them events were added in the bedroom
– With them events were added in the kitchen
– With them events were added on the farm
– Added events in the utility room
with them – Weekly added with them events
– Added new conversations with Svetlana
– Added more evil men to the game: D
– Events with a Velik
were added with them – Events with a forest
were added with them – Events with a city
were added with them
– Events with walking were added with them – Continuation of events with Yuri Semenovich was added
– Now GG can fly into it from alt . a branch
– Events with him in the kitchen
are added with him – Events are added with him in the guest room
– Events with him are added in the bathroom
– Events are added with him in the hall
– Naked events are added with him: D

  • The 3 parts Base game is v0.20
  • You can use V0.21 Update if you have v0.20 already. You can also Use v0.22 Update if you have v0.21 already.
  • Extract to desired location.
    If you downloaded 3 parts then select all 3 of them and click right mouse button.
    Then select Extract from 7zip/Winrar ccontext menu.
  • If wanting to play in English replace "start.qsp" in the assets/standalone_content folder with "start_en.qsp" in the attachments area
  • Click on Big Kuyash.exe to run game
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 3.91 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

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