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Size527.6 MB


Game EngineHTML

About the game

You are Swallows Deeznuts! Or whatever you decide to name yourself. You work in a shadowy corporation called Anomaly Vault, inspired by SCP and Lobotomy Corp. Perform experiments with artifacts for sexual gain until you’re satisfied, with endings in the future depicting you attempting to use the artifacts to take over and dominate the corporation and everyone in it. This is a short game with as little as possible emphasis placed on grinding or being a life simulator. Please see my Index to find the game’s roadmap of artifacts I have included / intend to include.​

New content:
– 5 new scenes in the Library, unlocked by using the bracelet on the librarian enough times. These are scenes for the Reprehensive Bracelet, the Chaddicus Shades, the Time Stopwatch, the Reproachive Charm, and the Super Truth Serum.
– New item for the Erotibox: A Magician’s Wand (Features ENF content)
– 5 more new scenes for the erotibox: You can now equip it after transforming every possible item
– 3 new scenes for the Stiff Voodoo Doll
– The Chaddicus Shades now have an ending, unlock all it’s scenes and research it to trigger
– The Time Stopwatch now has an ending, unlock all it’s scenes and research it to trigger

Bugfixes & typos
– Multiple typos found by Master of Puppets fixed
– Fixed a bug where FREE TITS wasn’t unlocking in the gallery
– Fixed a bug where non-main characters would have flickering images if the persona style is enabled with the pervert radio playing
– A scene in the library was misnamed

Other Changes
– Scenes that are locked behind certain requirements (such as Katya living with you or being able to take the erotibox home) will now not show up on the total scenecount unless you meet those requirements.
– The FREE ___ SIGN walkthroughs have been updated to list all 12 erotic scenes potentially available

Hardware failure can’t keep me down! It’s been a while on this front, how have all you researchers been?

So, there are 87 scenes base-game, 12 FREE ___ SIGN scenes that aren’t listed, 23 dark vault scenes, and 6 endings in-game. That totals up to 128 scenes total, holy smokerinos! Is there any element you feel is lacking? Lemme know if you have more suggestions, they’re my only form of sustenance!

  • Extract the Core Game Files to create a folder named Anomaly Vault
  • Extract the Image Pack to create a folder named images
  • Move the images folder into the Anomaly Vault Folder
  • Run the Anomaly Vault.html file in a browser (preferably Firefox)
  • Run the Anomaly Vault Mobile.html file for CSS designed for mobile play
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 527.6 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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