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Version: (Ongoing)by Crouler Last Update: 26 April, 2021
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Size351.11 MB


Game EngineRPGM

About the game

You are, what people refer to as, the divine. You don’t know any details, and you must unravel your situation in this large world, full of different people and things to do! And what’s more, you are in a world with only women. No men are here, but looking down on yourself, it turns out you are! Some women are normal, but those with “divine lineage” tends to have an extra package, apart from normal woman features.
Being a divine you have rights surpassing that of normal people, far outranking the queen, being the supreme living being in the world!
However, many things are happening, a war is going on with your new found country’s neighbors, and some things just doesn’t seem right.
Finally, enjoy interacting with the people of this vast world! An astute reader like yourself, yes, YOU!, would have guessed already, a divine gets pretty much everything he wants, so live out your fantasies. Slay monsters, help people(women) in need, and have sex with the women, vying for your attention.​


-Added stuff so Leonora’s party quest is now finishable.

-The concubine, Leonora, is now “unlockable”. She might have more content with time, but her main storyline has reached the part where she is a full concubine, allowing the divine to request she joins him when he goes to bed at the castle.

-Added more to the main story

-Added Divinity system. Spend divinity points (gained from levelling up) to buy powerful new abilities or changes to the world. (Not added to the game yet, just in the system and will be added soon)

-Added sex scene to castle if the player had fully upgraded the upstairs hallways. The top right hallway, near the southern row of doors, has a 1/11 chance of starting the scene.

-Added sex scene in fuar in a house, if the player uses the bed. An old lady will mention the bed being available to the player, on the bottom floor.

-Added main quest content. (Added new area and goal after meeting the orcs.) (Added optional sex scene that may lead to a new character being introduced)



-Fixed event at the Leonora party quest. You will now be invited into the house.



-More fixes will be deployed in upcoming releases. There are many bugs, and some take a long time to fix so I will be adding some fixes to all releases, if possible, from now on. Please, add all bug reports to the discord bug section. Adding to the blog posts can work, though I don’t always get to check back to earlier posts if I didn’t get to fix it for the current release. Discord is ultimately the best place to report.

-I realised I have done something wrong for a long time. If you find events where the characters you speak with seem to weirdly not turn towards you, let me know which so I can fix them!

-I will be redoing the journal system. It is not at all transparent to anyone, me included, when I work with it. As such, there will be some things that will and won’t be added for now, as I try to ready the game for it.

Please note any wonky stuff that happens to the journal in this period of time!


For more bug info:

-Check the discord bug section for what bugs have been reported if you are interested.

-I know that the random events on the world map end with the player staying in his “wagon” or “ship” form and I will fix soon, promise! For now, change clothes, that should work. (In divine’s private room you can change clothes)

-I realise the player walks “on top of” the stuff at the docks in the player city. Will try and fix soon.

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.
  • IMPORTANT NEEDED: RPG Maker XP RTP 104e.EXE: Download Here
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 351.11 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide

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