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Version: 1.0.7b (Ongoing)by Heaven Studios Last Update: 1 August, 2021
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Size2.85 GB


Game EngineRPGM

About the game

An FBI agent flies to Japan in a mission, he meets a girl called Ayame. They fall in love and he asks her to move to the USA with him. Having never met her father and having her mother die 2 years earlier, Ayame had very little that bind her to Japan so she moved in the USA to him. A game about a regular woman and her fiance who engage in a story with lots of cheating, blackmailing, heavy corruption and a background of netorare. You will decided how the story unfolds one month before their marriage which is when the game will take place.

• Overhauled the ass slap scenes when Ayame is slapped in the ass by Scott in Melvin’s pub as well as the ass slap scenes when Ayame is harrassed by the customers and Melvin offers her a raise. This included pictures as well as dialogue.
• Overhauled the scene where Ayame has sex with Melvin in her house wearing the nightgown. You can also watch this scene with tanlines as well (couldn’t do it previously). This includes the pictures as well as heavy dialogue changes which includes story.
– This scene is now the most complex scene in the game, took 8+ hours to remake due to all the animations and movement and all the scripting it required. Hope you guys enjoy it!
• You can now watch both the scenes mentioned above in the CG room as well as the old versions which have been moved to the Old Scenes gallery.
• Overhauled the first exhibitonism scene, you can now watch it with tan and tanlines and the story before and after has been drastically improved.
• There is a new questline that you must start with Morality over 70 but you can do it at any point in the game.
– You only need over 70 Morality to do the first out of three delivery quests, once you’ve started the first there is no requirement to do the two that follow.
– You can start this questline at the fence gap in the hobos area.
– You must bring the homeless people some food and commodities that you can purchase in the convenience store in the appartment area closest to your house (not Sato’s). You must do it in three different days.
– This is required to get the final optional exhibitionism scene that you can start at your house after Ayame is caught by a cop while doing exhibitionism.
– To do the final exhibitionism scene you must have done the homeless commodity delivery quest 3 times as well as see the Ayame and cop exhibitionism scene and you must be in Fallen state.

• New exhibitionism scene while the fan tells her what to do.
• New exhibitionism scene where she has sex with the random cop. (2 CGs)
• New solo exhibitonism scene where she is seen by one of the hobos.
• New “forced” blowjob scene.
• New hobo kiss and groping scene. (2 CGs)
• New hobo masturbation (fingering and nipple licking)
• New sex scene in the hobo’s tent (condom).
• New sex scene in Ayame’s shower transitioning to her bed. (condom and non-condom). (5 CGs)
• New threesome scene in Ayame’s house.
• New hobo ending. (2 CGs)

• Overhauled the “Hobos” map to look aesthetically more appealing and general and to make sense for the new and upcoming scenes. (Please let us know if you find some passability bugs).
• Added a “closet” in Ayame’s room to better illustrate what happened in past and future scenes.
• Robert now makes a comment on Ayame’s body at some point in the game triggering a quest to check the Gym.
• Ayame’s charm now goes up by 1 point the first 5 times she gets a massage.
• Made a few changes to the soundtrack. Removed some songs that never actually played out during the game from the game and therefore the jukebox as well. Added some new songs.
• Adriana and Fujiko will now only invite Ayame to the bachelorette party if the Morality is 45 or lower (it’s possible to get to Fallen with Morality as high as 55).
– This will force the player to do some extra kinky activities which will make the dialogue at the bachelorette party make more sense.
– You have a few days to trigger the bachelorette party when you get to Fallen state, if you can’t do it by the last day and you’re still in the Harem route, they will have dinner together but there will be no mention of a bachelorette party.
– We can and probably will lower the threshold even further in the future.
– This will have NO interference in the Harem route itself, only in the bachelorette party at the resort!
• For story purposes, there is now 2 scenes (only 1 can happen per playthrough) where Jack listens to Ayame talking on the phone with Melvin or Sato. If you see one you won’t see the other.
– This will be the trigger for the first exhibitionism scene.

• Added a new “realistic shadows” option on one of the new Hentai Scenes. If people enjoy it we will do more in the future and maybe remake some of the old scenes.
• Melvin’s contract signing now starts as soon as the player steps on the circle in front of the door instead of having to interact with the door.
• Charm now starts at 55. The max charm the player can achieve should be 100. (Gym, massages, perphumes).
• Made a few changes to the “Fast Travel” system. It should be almost twice as fast now. It’s hard to optimize further due to RPG Maker limitations.
• During some parts of the game you wouldn’t be able to access the menu in order to prevent the player from saving. You can now access the menu during those times but the save will appear in gray.
• Made many song changes, some were removed from the game, some new were added and some had their volume adjusted to be consistent with the rest of the game. Jukebox has been improved.
• Hotsprings event can now only happen in Fallen state.
• Gym now unlocks with a quest instead of randomly during free roam.
• Made it a lot easier to unlock the scenes in the Gym. You still have to alternate between both coaches (fitness and swimming) but the morality requirements for those are now a lot more lenient.
• After Ayame and Sato’s hentai scene in the Sunny Connection, Ayame’s car shows up at the Sunny Coast if available.
• Melvin will now wear the casual suit when he visits Ayame for dinner.
• Changed the icon for the mouse to what was meant to be originally.
• Made some code improvements on the Mouse script. It should now be fully functional unless you guys point out something that should be added/removed and it makes sense.
• You can now use the mouse in the Main Menu. You can also open and close it on the world map with the right click.
• You can now use the mouse in the Inventory menu. You can use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Status menu. You can use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Relationships menu! Swipe left or right to switch between characters and use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Messages menu, fully interact with it by using the left click and use right click to go back in options or go back to the main menu.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated during the save/load menu in order not to cause accidents.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated in the system menu so it’s easier to turn it on or off without causing any bugs.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated when you’re interacting with the Jukebox.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated when you’re in the Fast Travel map.
• Your mouse now works naturally when turned off (as if the script wasn’t in the game). It would disappear in some places before such as the main menu.

• Hopefully fixed Starke’s heart. Should last a few more years.
• Fixed a LOT, and I mean A LOT more typos.
• Fixed a bug in the massage parlor where the player could roam to an area it wasn’t supposed to instead of being sent there during storyline scenes.
• Fixed a bug where the Jukebox would appear in the wrong slot in the inventory.
• Fixed a bug where the player could select some of Ayame’s costumes in the inventory.
• Fixed a bug where the player could interact with Steve in front of the Kinky Kittens before meeting him in the Sato route.
• Fixed a bug where the player would get a black screen when going home during very specific conditions.
• The Highway and the maps nearby now only unlock during the final stage of Free Roam. Used to be at Stage 2, now it’s at Stage 3.
• Fixed an issue where the Autosave state in the options would reflect the state erroneously. It would be on when the option was OFF and off when the option was ON.
• Fixed a lot of bugs where Free Roam and Ending scenes were not unlocking properly in the CG Room until you unlocked some related scenes.
• Fixed an issue where one of the Sato route Endings (Usurper) and the final park free roam bathroom scene were not unlocking at all.
• Fixed an issue where Robert could appear on the couch during the weekends at Clarke’s route when he should be at work.
• Fixed an issue where Ayame wouldn’t be able to interact with anything in her house during the Office route.
• Fixed an issue where Ayame could skip the day in her bed during the Office route which didn’t make sense story wise.
• Fixed an issue where after Ayame had dinner with Fujiko and Melvin at her house, the day was moving forward one more day than intended in the calendar.
• Fixed a line that didn’t make sense if Ayame goes directly home after seeing Melvin and Fujiko out in the day of their dinner together.
• Fixed yet more issues with some scenes creating conflicts with the Subway scenes when Ayame arrived at home.
• Fixed a bug where Ayame could just leave on the second saturday of the game without having to talk to Robert.
• Fixed and optimized many transfers between maps where Ayame would show up at an incorrect spot upon changing maps. This is particularly important since after our design improvements in the Highway, some of the Kinky Kittens transfers would place you in the middle of the Highway with no way of leaving causing a “soft lock”.

• Follow-Up patch coming up in a week with more hentai scenes, how?!

Save 1 – First meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 2 – Before buying the hobos groceries for the first time. (Story)
Save 3 – Second meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 4 – Before buying the hobos groceries for the second time. (Story)
Save 5 – Third meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 6 – Before buying the hobos groceries for the Third time. (Story)
Save 8 – Day Jack listens to Ayame talking on the phone with Melvin. (Story)
Save 10 – First trenchcoat exhibitonism hentai scene. (Dialogue changes before the hentai scene as well for story purpose.) (Hentai Scene)
Save 11 – Dialogue before the second exhibitionism scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 12 – Second exhibitionism hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 13 – Third exhibitionism hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 14 – First solo exhibitionism scene and first hobo hentai scene. Interact with the closet. (Hentai Scene)
Save 15 – Second hobo hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 16 – Third hobo hentai scene.
Save 17 – Talk with the Clerk to buy condoms for a quest. (Story)
Save 18 – Fourth and fifth hobo hentai scene. (Story & Hentai Scene)
Save 19 – Before the hobos ending. (Story & Hentai Scene)
Save 21 – CG Room

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on Game.exe to start playing.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 2.85 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide



Walkthrough Guide

Cheat room code: 84134956

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