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Purin To Ohuro V2: Onii-chan Bath Assault

Purin to Ohuro (“to ohuro” is another way to say と お風呂 also pronounced “to opuro” which means “and bath”) is a game where a girl named “Purin” is taking a bath and begins to angrily attack the player for peeping on her, and the player has the option of fighting back.

If Purin defeats the player, the player will fall unconscious. If the player defeats Purin, she’ll get out of the bath and running out the bathroom door, closing it, if the player hits her on her last HP she’ll be knocked out.

When Purin gets out the bath and the player punches her quick enough, she’ll fall back into the bath unconscious (Possibly dead)…………..Be Careful!!!

Femdom Wife Game

Femdom Wife Game delivers short stories about your vanilla partner turning dominant.
Taking place in a 3D realtime and fully animated game, this femdom game transcribes erotic novelas in its own way. The game has a strong focus on femdom content, such as pussy worship, cuckolding, chastity, foot fetish, etc. The definitive game will include several wives with unique personality traits and fetishes.Zoe: Chastity, cum eating, humiliation, pussy worship, cheating+NTR (not implemented yet)
Emily: Findom, dildo play, chastity, virgin, foot fetish, pussy worshipNTR will be optional and can be disabled via the menu settings.

Princess And Blade

This is the story of an asshole blade and a beautiful girl’s adventure.

In the face of the extinction of the community, a blade coming from the earth landed in the hidden village of the princess and the clans. Only the person chosen by the blade could get close to it and pick it up, and it chose the our princess,just because her beauty, and on her slender figure.


Creating adult furry games for VR and non-VR! All updates will be posted here or to the public discord. Story based roleplay and freeroam VR are the primary focuses as of now.
(VR + Desktop)

Dragon’s Herald

Year 2115. Humanity has made a great leap forward. Robotics, prosthesis in medicine, alternative energy. Artificial intelligence has replaced most administration on the Earth. Neuro-reality is a common routine in modern society now.
Yet life was not safe and perfect. Supported by the unstable situation in Egypt, the militants discovered a tomb that had been sealed since the time of the Great Cleopatra and defended by her last followers. Unable to resist the armed people, the defenders open the tomb to save the most important life on Earth – the Herald….

Scuffed Rumble

Made a Versus Mode for Scuffed Rumble (The action game experiment). I’ll release it very soon.

The Versus Mode mode gameplay is very similar to Heroine Rumble, with a “fighting-game-style” camera, and focuses on 1v1s instead of group fights.​

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