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Zum Damenhaus – 3.3.2

  • savegame bug solved, like described above
  • the upgrade ‘tolerance clients’ didn’t update it’s textfield correctly when researching. Also additional clicks on it wasn’t prevented even though you already had this upgrade
  • if you wanted to place Madeline or any slave into a room, and the game say something like “nope, sorry, not high enough level’ or so they become unclickable. Bug was an oversight from me, sorry
  • clients faced wrong direction if they were the last clients in front of a gangbang room and the room was on the right side of the elevators (sooo specific explenation, wow). The problem can happen again in other scenarios
  • client could get ‘VIP’ and ‘slave’ (and everything in combination) as his demands. This is not longer possible
  • same with ‘gangbang’ + ‘pregnant’. Pregnant should stay as a single demand, even the client is silver or higher. But simple things like ‘dark hair’ can still get asked.
  • not changing weekdays have been fixed (for real this time)
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