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Zum Damenhaus – 2.9fix


  • a whole new (re)quest feature
  • Madeline / Cassandra affection
  • all girls traits can now be seen on their information card
  • new categories for your girls to gain experience in: Show, Gangbang and Gloryhole
  • new girls likes/dislikes: gangbang room, gloryhole
  • pressing [H] on your keyboard hides/shows your HUD
  • zooming improved by a lot
  • embellishment of Cassandras feet in two of her animations (anal/masturbation)
  • smaller stuff, like updated in-game tips

Changes :

  • to see VIP’s having fun with each other, you now must earn enough affection first
  • clients give more ep in general: (girls need 3 times love in the same category at an
    average to level up; with ‘adaptive girls’ researched, they only need 2)
  • doubled ep for being on the bar, animal show and gloryholes (per client)
  • gained experience in the private show room has been massively increased (about 300% more)
  • all slave races now share the same pool of likes and dislikes


  • fixed buggy gloryhole room, after sending Amanda away traveling from there
  • fixed a selling bug, when choosing “No”
  • fixed issues when cycling through your animals in the animal show
  • fixed green frame filter indicator, that didn’t work reliably when VIP’s ‘join’ each other
  • fixed a bug, which didn’t add cassandra in the lesbian animations, if she was moved from a gangbang room
  • fixed bug, on which Madeline/Cassandra can’t be seen in the gloryholes when both of them currently having fun in the same private show room
  • fixed bug, on which you could add an insect to Madeline or Cassandra on their lesbian animation (which was unseen but made a few things complicated)
  • fixed a few sounds, that played even though they shouldn’t

(all of these bugs are also fixed in the public 2.7 version!)

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