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Zombie’s Retreat – 0.4 Beta

Leslie Cooking Sex
Rachel Drunk Sex

== Leslie & Rachel Expanded Content ==
In the past 2 builds, Rachel and Leslie both had content that I wanted to add but couldn’t due to time restraints. There are new
features that both are able to do.

Leslie: Continue helping her out around dinner time. When your relationship’s high enough, you might attempt something risky.

Rachel: Remember when your relationship is high with her, a new option opens up at dinner time. Sleeping at night with her has
more options now too.

== Ashley Recruitable ==
The Pool area is now available to enter! See what the ditzy Ashley is up to and you just might be able to bring her back home.
She won’t have any H content yet but she’ll have an update in due time!

== Cheat Rock ==
The cheat rock is finally available in Zombie’s Retreat! The rock just south of the lodge, try interacting with it a few times to
bring up the cheat code input.
Current codes (caps sensitive):
ResetHer – Allows you to reset Leslie’s name/roles
ResTutor – Reset’s Rachel’s naming
ResCouns – Reset’s Caroline’s naming
SirenSez – Does nothing

== Intermediate Crafting ==
With another woman available to recruit, the demands for food and water will start to increase. If you’re thorough in your
exploration around Camp Zomi, you may be able to find recipes to improve things around the house!

== Other Misc Changes ==
-AC unit can now be installed in the first 3 basement rooms. It still has no use but it will be a checkpoint for the women who
reside downstairs eventually.
-Bedroom Construction available from Intermediate crafting book instead of Beginner
-Adjusted some previous crafting requirements
-Slightly lowered regular garden yield
-Improved fishing visuals and overall flow
-Added basic tutorial to the student camp zomi fishing spot
-Improvements to some custom rooms
-Other misc changes/improvements

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