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Zombie’s Retreat – 0.3 Beta

This build focuses on Leslie and finishing up her main story. That’s where you’ll find most of the new content.
New Bust:
Additional Busts:
Leslie – Nude
MC – Nude
Scenes added:
Leslie Movie Sex
Leslie Night Sex
CG Added:
Leslie Dinner Prep
== Leslie Progression ==
Leslie’s story has been tweaked and finished with a complete start and end point. She will still have more scenes, but
you can now enjoy the initial development of her secret relationship with the MC!
== Other Misc Changes ==
-Fixed glitch causing custom keybinds to reset (name entry screen is reverted to the original style, they were conflicting)
-Can now go to sleep and select ‘rest’ to wake up at Midnight
-Additional campsite/map added on left of Lakeside
-Added HP bar to vampire boss. Should make it easier to tell if bullets are having an effect
-Overworld electric zombies no longer respawn
-Overworld electric zombies drop electric fuses
-Added a few more overworld one-time scavenge spots (Rec Center + more)
-When resting outside, you can stay still, interact, and still advance time
-Other misc changes/improvements

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