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Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret – 0.2.5

has 2 new base scenes, each with 2 variations – normal and slutty.

The mansion got a new type of interactive scene – coach adventures with some backside exploring. The scene has all the 3 clients from the start and supports gallery activation. Similar to the first, blowjob scene, it will receive extra frames and branches in the next Yorna update, bringing it to the full intended scale. Also, I plan to do a half-clothed version in v0.3.0 if the time will permit it.

Just as previous feedback poll suggested, I added H sounds to all interactive maid scenes, both new and old. This change includes all clients and variations inside the scene.

The second base scene is centered on the big cat that you will find in the new forest zone along the plot line. ”The Big Fluff” monster girl is also present but, at this update, limited to plot story involvement, cutscenes and some mind-reading tricks. Also, teasing and fluff domination :p

Main Features

Yorna received the base logic for enchanting items and you can test it out with the sword part you’ve been collecting through your journey. v0.2.5 has the third and last piece so you can assemble the blade and tune it to your preferred play style. To use this feature, you’ll need to restore your castle after gaining the trust of a certain furball.

There are other improvements you can do – like repairing the shortcut bridge to your castle. Visit the lumberjack village for this opportunity.

I will expand the enchanting system to more items in the upcoming updates since the idea of giving more slots for equipment weren‘t solved in a satisfactory way. Every solution had its own drawbacks, so I decided to do this kind of sidestep. So far I see no penalties for using it and plan to support it all the way to Yorna’s final release.

v0.2.5 got the biggest pack of cutscenes and monster girl sprites out of all previous ones. All of them received synchronization of big on-screen sprites and portraits inside the text block. This includes all the previous monster girl cutscenes too.

I plan to use such cutscenes to add more monster girl interaction after their initial capture and some choices with buff or item rewards in the future.

Also, I finished all the monster girls sprites and plan to avoid using general ”flying ball” as an enemy sprite. Hopefully, this will add a bit of immersion to the game.

Small improvements and fixes:

Adjusted the gold line in the after-battle loot window so it doesn‘t climb higher than intended.

Fixed a single castle tile which was ignoring local -> global map size conversion. No more pygmy Ada :p

Re-marked craftable sword pieces as key items to avoid showing them in the regular inventory and confusing players.

Changed active piano sounds in the mansion.

Reduced costs for Sand Town smithy – the novice staff was too expensive.

Fixed a rare looped start for the interactive maid job scenes. It sometimes happened right after finishing one scene and the second one started without getting the money from Jack.

Added a mention of a local alchemist during Deadroot monologue to help players locate the interested person.

Fixed alchemist quest so she no longer asks players to get some Deadroot after they already gave some to her.

Changed grass graphics inside the Grey encampment – the edge is no longer looking like it’s close to a chasm.

Fixed some typos, missing dialogue tags and passable map geometry.

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