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Yellow Family – 0.2.81

Release Notes v.0.2.81:
-Just a quick bug fix

Release Notes v.0.2.80:
-Removed Unity analytics(Not used, was mandatory when the game’s development started)
-Smartphone UI added, replaces settings menus
-Added “Quest List” to track the story status and optional events
-All character skin tones revised + some minor graphic improvements
-“Love Tester” added in the Tavern
-Sister reacts installing a latch if you keep entering the bathroom while she’s taking a shower
-Scenario: Simple Garage added
-B/W image of Sister in bed replaced with a revised & colored one
-B/W images of Reverend’s daughter under the table replaced with colored ones + 2 variations added for the finish + menu to chose the final(available from the second time you visit the event)
-Last event of Reverend’s daughter available every Sunday Morning once you do it(or if you go directly to it by skipping everything else using the Cheat menu in Settings)

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