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XXXivilization – 10

New features

  • Images! Images for the player character and certain NPCs have been added, more to come
  • The character creation got completely overhauled, you can now spread points between physical sizes (boobs, penis, etc.) and attributes (strength, charisma, etc.)
  • You can now give your prisoners nicknames
  • You can now double click on the map to go directly to the build menu, conquer the territory or start diplomacy – depending on the tile you clicked


  • Added a new neutral building to the map that can be visited: Rainbow. (Only available for new games, not for loaded games from previous versions)
  • A new event is available for conquering plains or forest lands: Fairy pond
  • Added a new event for very religious kingdoms


  • Images for the player creation and player view have been added – overall there are now 4784 different combinations of how your character can look like
  • 5 images for Jolene have been added
  • 4 images for Myrina have been added

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs that made it impossible to conquer the enemy capitol
  • Fix a bug where the game would not progress further after winning a fight
  • Some buildings in the tech tree were wrongly marked as not-built, not-buildable or not-affordable
  • Futamazon raiders sometimes were attacking you even when their kingdom got defeated or you were paying them
  • Fixed a bug where more happiness was gained by conquering neutral lands than intended
  • Conquering neutral buildings on enemy territory was not possible
  • Certain UI elements were not displayed nicely with dark theme enabled


  • Changed the layout for screens wider than 1280 pixels: The screen is now limited to this size to prevent huge empty spaces being shown.
  • The settings view is now shown on starting a new game
  • The side bar is now scroll-able if it grows too long
  • Several balancing changes to buildings, tried to make the game start a little easier and the late game a bit more challenging. Also added new building: Tool maker
  • Adapted ass size to work similar to boobs size with more smaller steps between. Also increased the maximum ass size.


  • Screen resolutions below 1280 px are no longer supported. You can still play the game but certain elements may look distorted and the overall user interface is not optimized for smaller screen resolutions.
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