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Wicked Choices –

Added Chapter Four Part Five:
• Added Chapter Four Part Five, this time you play as Lynara again.

Small changes:
• I made some small changes to the save screen, you can now name your savegame. But I forgot to change the text back to english so it currently says: Gib einen Namen für den Spielstand ein:
which translates to: Enter a name for the savegame:
I’ll fix it in the next update / patch
• Added an Error Message for players who didn’t start a new game after we asked them to with the release of chapter 4 part 2. This message was necessary because it read variables from before chapter 4 part 2 but if you didn’t start a new game all those variables are set to “False” / “0” which breaks the game in that case. So if you encounter it, please just start a new game.

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