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Wet Summer Days – 1.6 fixed

– Mizu can now do BJ and HJ and will alternate in both kotatsu and bed scenes
– Kiss interaction
– Can now have intercourse in different areas with variations
– Talk interaction
– Mizu will occasionally make various comments depending on the situation
– Mizu’s drawing added in the ending
– Male protagonist’s default name changed to ‘Jun’
– Some interactions (kiss, undress, raise dress, insert vibrator) increase lust
– Mizuki will refuse to take her dress off in town
– Mizuki will redress when going to town
– New sounds
– Speeded up and tweaked animations
– Ending at 4 Hearts modified
– Raised level-up difficulty by ~13%
– Can now undress Mizuki at lower Affect Hearts
– Various minor bug fixes and improvements

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