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Wet Summer Days – 1.51

Setting to change how Mizuki calls the player

– Mizuki now reacts through a few emotions and new voices when touched standing

– Mizuki heavy breathing sound added

– Disclaimer added

– Mizuki shows in towel if called in the bathroom during the day

– Raised the threshold for coming together during the drinking game

– Bug fixes:

* Graphical bug during drinking game

* Mizuki half-ghost

* Getting stuck when selecting ‘Nothing’

* Crash during sleep

Some more minor changes

Player can have Mizu wear the egg vibrator after buying it in the shop

– New interactions after calling Mizuki:

• Pat head

• Tickle armpit

• Rub belly

• Fondle breast

• Pull panties

• Masturbate her

– Player can ask Mizu to have her raise her upper clothing:

• Dress

• Pajama

• Towel

– Coins are awarded for each excitement

stage and for having her orgasm

– Discord now has proper roles assigned (hopefully!)

– A few new sounds, UI elements and redrawn body parts

– Text can be advanced using mouse wheel

– Short explanation the first time drinking game is started

– Mizuki can be called in the bathroom (again)

– Barging in on Mizuki while she showers now gives the player the option to just interact with her

– Increased overall difficulty by 15%

Increased difficulty to pee themselves during drinking game

– Reduced difficulty to come together during drinking game

– Fixed game getting stuck in a loop if players come together during drinking game

– Fixed player being able to buy everything by clicking fast

– Various bug fixes and minor improvements

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