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Wet Summer Days – 1.4

Important: Game now has a limit of 14 days (infinite summer mode can be unlocked too!) and the number of Affect Hearts determines the ending (bad, lewd, good).
– Vibrating egg during Mizuki sleeping scene

* 3 interactable spots

* 2 operational modes

* Adjustable speed

* Sounds

– Expanded date event to include gift giving + music

– Gameplay structured around 14 days

– Endings implemented

* Bad endings, erotic ending at 4 Hearts, good ending at 5 Hearts

* Good ending unlocks infinite days

– Mizu can be completely undressed while she’s awake in her bed

– Coded ending slideshow

– Peeking changes

* Player can click on peek spots even when inactive

* At night peeking on Mizuki is suggested in a dialogue

* Player can’t peek at Affect Hearts 0

– Rope, vibrating egg and gift added to the shop

– Mizu will wear her gift

– Speeded up room transitions

– Giving the gift now unlocks the 5th Affect Heart

– Reduced difficulty of drinking game

– Scripts improved (thanks to Thomas!)

– Performance improvements (thanks to Stefan!)

– Various bug fixes and minor improvements (thanks to 2dguy!)

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