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Vikings Daughter – 1.9.0

  • Preview of the new NSFW animation with Hilde (40 seconds loop).
  • Face expressions during NSFW scenes. Randomly played depending on the animation.
  • SFW scene with Hilde and dialogues (after the anal animation).
  • Lingerie added to Alvilda & Hilde, visible during SFW animation scenes.
  • Improved boobs physics during the NSFW animations, preview here ->


  • New quest with Hilde (3 tasks).
  • Improved the lighting during the NSFW scenes, both on the island and inside Alvilda’s house.
  • Extended the clothing system, now the females can wear different clothes depending on the current animation scene.
  • 5000+ words in the new dialogues.
  • Added clothes to the player model.
  • Added clothes during the springs scene with Hilde, she wears her lingerie and the player his underwear.
  • Sleeping and wake up poses for Hilde and Alvilda (different sleep location depending on the dialogue choices you have made).
  • New eye models for every character, that look way more realistic with all kind of lighting setups.
  • Rebuilt Alvilda’s house, adding a first floor.
  • Added lights and post processing effects in Alvilda’s house.
  • Added new models on the island (ships, boats, construction materials) and removed the well in the village (a lot of people didn’t like it).
  • Docks area on the island + ships.
  • New bed and ground models.
  • NPCs react differently when you interact with them – start dialogue, display notification or start an animation scene directly.
  • Added notifications database that will store all of the notifications for the NPCs, when you click on them, in case there’s no dialogue, for example while the NPC is sleeping.
  • Added LODs to increase the performance.
  • Updated to Unity 2017.3.1 to increase the performance and loading time. The game is also ~300mb smaller.
  • Reduced the font size during animation scenes and increased the size of the dialogue button to be able to fit more text inside.
  • Navigation AI improvements.
  • Extended the save files, now the NPCs keep track of more data.
  • New rocks models that have a better performance.
  • Setting the progress of a quest when you talk with NPCs.
  • Added new save files that will load the last nsfw scene, so you can continue from there. Old save files are not supported.
  • Fixed a bug with the player camera during the animation scenes.
  • Fixed a bug when you exit an animation scene and the face expression is still playing – the game used to crash.
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