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Unexpected Adventures – Chapter 4 Complete

– Chapter 3 is now complete ( as for now, each chapter will end when the MC is back to the hideout )

– beta-alpha-ultra├Ęshitty test system of hideout. The hideout now sign the end of the chapter and will containt various events/stuff.

+ in hideout, you can access different things, everything is possible, they are no locked stuff.

+ This is the first version of hideout system, and so the hideout itself is small and shitty and the amount of possibles things is small. Of course, in futur, the more progress, the more the hideout get bigger and the more peoples inside and more stuff etc.. ( you get it right ? )

+ WARNING !! clicking on the red icons in the hideout will end the chapter (and so, the game), do NOT click it unless you have tested the others stuff. in futur, this button will allow you to “jump” into the next chapter by continuing the story and going out of the hideout for a new adventure/mission

+ NOT everything is available in the hideout yet, this is normal, it will be later, dont worry. keep in mind you not gonna change hideout every few minutes. it goes with the story logic :) ( because yeah, the game have some sort of logic, no joke)

– a secret scene is implented. for get it, you need to follow a specific path. if you dont get it, you can just test another path and you will see it.

+ the secret scene is locked by a password. everything for find the password is on the screen, soo use your brain a bit and you will figure it. it can be tricky, but dont hesitate to use internet or whatever for get help.

PLEASE ! do not share the password. i would like if the players try a bit to find the solution by themself :)

+ the password is case sensitive, but not complicated. in simple, you can write it all in small or with only 1 caps at beginning ( as exempl : “macadam” or “Macadam” ) , if you write it all in caps, it will never work.

– main menu have been modified a bit for halloween, its nothing fancy, just a small touch. also some CGs have been added for halloween.

– Only a few CGs have been added and nothing have been modified on the wtfpedia, the reason behind that is a mysterious bug i get randomly that kind of broke the gallery. As i didnt identify the problem ( because it appear randomly ) , i didnt took the risk to broke the game even more by adding more CGs and stuff. Please excuse me for that and dont hesistate to report to me if you also got that bug.

( it seems to be a kind of bug tat indicate that the gallery containt more pictures than it is supposed to have , its random, soo you can get it or not )

– game have been fully readproofed (completly), soo i hope the english is good enougth now :p

( thanks to Nyms for the proof reading )

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