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Two Sides – 0.08a

Add Scenes

  • Anny in the Park
  • Anny and Jenny in the Park
  • Bret in the Park’s Men’s Bathroom
  • Dialogue Bret phone
  • Dialogue Anny phone

Redone Characters

  • Policeman Cooper Iray
  • Ashley Iray
  • Jenny Iray

Redone Locals

  • ThePark Area 01 & 02

Add Locales

  • ThePark Area 03
  • ThePark Area 04
  • ThePark Male Bathroom

Discontinued for this version

  • Scenes of Anny watching television with the protagonist
    It was necessary to withdraw, as it would not have enough content until the arrival of the weekend to occur the event.
  • Scene with Bret in the Garage
    I removed this scene because I’m going to redo the Garage
  • Scene with Sierra, after the Grocery Store
    – I decided not to spend my days for now.
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