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Two Sides – 0.07 Fix2

v0.05 Fix
FIX – Freeze Error, When attempting to enter the bathroom during Anny’s bath.
FIX – Freeze Error, after talking to Lindsey on the phone.
FIX – Black Screen, after Ginger leaves the CADE lab.
FIX – Photo Missing, While trying to view Jimmy, Jenny and Ashley’s profile on the phone, the photos do not show.
FIX – Black Screen, Gay Choice at CADE with Dr Hartmann
In Progress – Multi-language

v0.05 Changes
– 02 More content with Anny (events and dialogues for relationship improvement);
– 01 events with a Patreon Character (Other)
– 01 Sex scene with Patreon Character (Other)
– 01 Sex scene with Dr Hartmann (female form);
– 01 Sex scene with Ginger (female form – Lesbian)
– Scene in Bathroom (Female form)
– 01 new location (Central Park)
– 03 new character (Jenny, Ashley And Policeman);
– Remake dialogues
– Translations to English
– Translation editing and proofreading (Squark)

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