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Town of Passion – 0.9 Beta

Scenes added:
Evelynn BJ
Evelynn Sex

Profile Scenes:
Evelynn Kiss

Overhaul of nearly every character
New overworld animation for Evelynn

== Evelynn ==
The bulk of this update! Evelynn’s main story is now complete! Learn more about the ancient Grockian Tribe and their role in
Valencia’s ancient history!

== Dojo Examinations ==
A continuation of the Dojo revamp- training both Agility and Strength can unlock certain examinations that will grant you new abilities
to explore Valencia with. (Spoilers- Training after hitting lvl 3 Str and/or Agi will trigger the examination)

== Sprite Overhaul ==
A new artist was added to the team and now we’re able to have customized sprites! Nearly every character has been revamped in the
overworld to better represent the characters designs. We’ll be able to have more unique designs for upcoming monster girls and
villagers now!

== Misc ==
-Cave in northwest Valencia can now be explored
-Adjusted XP rates for Str and Agi
-Agi level required to reach attic changed from 3 to lvl 2
-Preload added to some previous Rose/Mary scenes for more consistency
-Other misc changes/improvements

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