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Town of Passion – 0.9.92 Beta

Bust Added:
Scenes Added:
Auri HJ
Mary – Bunny Sex
Profile Scene Added:
Auri Kiss
== Auri ==
The bulk of this mini update! I’ve worked close with ProfessorF to include a crossover side quest involving one of his OC’s, Auri.
Learn more about her hobbies and unique interests in a side quest with her! In order to start it, try searching around the
south east area in the Haunted Woods.
== First ‘Echo’ Scene ==
A common request is for older costumes and characters to get new scenes. In order to stay on track with developing new content,
there will occasionally be older scenes/poses that are reused to include other costumes/characters. Echo scenes will not become
the norm for new content but will help add even more than what was previously possible. For this one, try interacting with
Mary when she’s in her Bunny outfit!
== Purple Boundary ==
The purple boundary has been updated to require it’s own stone before using the door. In order to keep the boundaries consistent,
each of the 4 requires a unique colored stone to open. Curious where to find the stone? Check out the well nearby.
== Misc ==
-Fixed wall clipping in Grockian Temple
-Fixed some incorrect naming
-Keyboard name input removed in order to fix issue of custom keybindings getting reset
-Other misc changes/improvements

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