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Town of Passion – 0.9.1 Beta

== Misc ==
-Fixed glitch in cheat room
-XP requirements for all skills have been lowered around lvl’s 2-4
-Strength trial made easier
-If Str is lvl 4 or 5, the challenge will be even easier
-Adjusted speed of certain bolders in mind minigame
-Fixed potential softlock in mind minigame
-Fixed potential softlock in boulder puzzles
-Added ‘lore tablets’ to Grockian Temple (examine with Evelynn to learn more)
-‘Pleasure: A New Realm’ can now be read if it’s in your inventory
-Removed outdated notification when trying to use blue boundary/barrier
-You’re extra awesome if you’re reading this, thanks for playing ToP
-Teaser added for 0.9.9 (complete Evelynn’s story and then try exploring late at night)
-Other misc changes/improvement

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