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Tower of Trample – 1.7

  1. Tower of Trample 1.7 – Eliza Expansion
  2. 5F
  3. ===
  4. – Added teaser for 5F Part 2 (speak with Lily after completing 5F Part 1)
  5. – 5F Part 2 will be added in the next release (eta 6/30)
  6. In this release:
  7. – Lady Cobra no longer gains levels from draining you if she is too far above you (you still lose yours, however)
  8. – Be warned that levels lost via the above scenario cannot be bought/won back
  9. – Fixed bug where a scene drained stats twice under certain conditions
  10. – Fixed bug where surrendering with Grab Block active caused a soft-lock
  11. – Fixed bug where Lady Cobra’s Level Rating was always C (it is now based on her stats)
  12. – Due to above fix, it is now possible to S-Rank Lady Cobra
  13. – Added S-Rank loot for Lady Cobra (can currently be sold for money, but may have other uses later~)
  14. – Puppy Gear can now be worn on 5F
  15. 4F
  16. ===
  17. – Khulan’s expansion will be added in the next release
  18. – Please be advised that it will reset Dignity (and the “Natural Selection” scene) due to reworks in her progression system
  19. In this release:
  20. – Fixed bug where Khulan gave Eliza’s loss count
  21. – Prior to 0 Dignity, insulting Khulan in combat will now increase Dignity
  22. – Buffed Khulan’s higher difficulties to respond to Grab Block more effectively
  23. – Puppy Gear can now be worn on 4F
  24. 3F
  25. ===
  26. – Eliza expansion, adding substantial content and consequences to the Mini-Church events
  27. – The Mini-Church can now be entered from the Stone Door after your first visit (be careful~)
  28. – Buffed Eliza’s higher difficulties to take actions more quickly
  29. 2F
  30. ===
  31. – Fixed bug where portraits remained after speaking with Howard
  32. – (No I haven’t forgotten about Yvonne)
  33. 1F
  34. ===
  35. (These are actually from the 5/16/2018 release, but as that had no log, I’ll put them here)
  36. – Submission requirements have been simplified (and generally lowered)
  37. – Submission increases are now telegraphed (like other progression stats, eg. Dignity)
  38. – Added “fail-safe” to progress “stuck” players’ Submission
  39. – Puppy Gear requirements for each floor have been simplified
  40. Misc
  41. ===
  42. – Puppy Gear now provides hints about why it can’t be worn in various situations
  43. – Removed unused testing skills (eg. Reburn) and their skillbooks from the game
  44. – Fixed bug where Battle Evaluation always assumed maximum available difficulty
  45. – JP text for puppy sounds (eg. わんわん) is not a bug, but they will be romanized in the future to avoid confusion
  46. Technical
  47. ===
  48. – Added toggle to hide dialogue box (RPGMaker “L” button; default “Q” on keyboards)
  49. – Adjusted script for handling portraits (please report if you see any mismatches, eg. Puppy Ethan while clothed, or vice-versa)
  50. – Added mechanism to update old saves (please report any weird behavior and be advised that a New Game will always be the most stable)
  51. – Nerfed BGM Volume (please report if you get ambushed by any resulting sound balance issues)
  52. Plans (Koda)
  53. ===
  54. – My main focus is a new villainess who will appear soon-ish (eta Mid-Late Aug)
  55. – The next expansion will focus on Yvonne and Lady Cobra (no eta)
  56. – Additional scenes for previously expanded girls (no eta; probably piecemeal with other releases)
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