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Tower of Trample – 1.11.0


– 6F has been added, accessible from 5F after defeating Lily once
– There is quite a bit of content and three major outcomes to the events; multiple saves are recommended
When prompted by the game to save, it is especially recommended to use a new slot
– The 6F villainess is a busy woman and isn’t always available
If you can’t find her or a way to get her attention, try leaving and coming back

– Fixed bug when escaping one of Khulan’s holds

– Additional fixes for cell boot object mispositioning
Leaving and re-entering the floor should fix it for everyone else.
– Adjusted “Sniff” in Yvonne’s boot minigame
Will no longer make additional Lust/Disgust exchanges if Lust would be capped
Should make Bootlicker II more intuitive to complete
Maxes Lust regardless of Disgust at Bootlicker III
No affect to win-routes, just easier to make a mess if you’re into that

  1. ToT 1.10.3 Prelim Notes
  2. ===
  3. This release does not contain 6F!
  4. 6F will be released by 00:00 Dec 6 Hong Kong time.
  5. Halloween
  6. ===
  7. – Fixed it being impossible to “win” Lady Cobra’s event in Puppy Gear
  8. – Reduced “treats” from Eliza, Khulan, Cobra, and Lily to compensate for balance changes (see below)
  9. 5.5F
  10. ===
  11. – (Meta) “Sanctum” renamed “5.5F” for changelogs
  12. – Fixed Lily Level 2 and dependent content (Fast Travel, Halloween) not unlocking under some circumstances
  13. – Fixed bug in Lucky Bonus RNG
  14. 5F
  15. ===
  16. – Successful QTEs against Lady Cobra’s drain skills now trigger [Counter] instead of [Strike]
  17. [Counter] deals less damage than [Strike] but generates more TP
  18. 4F
  19. ===
  20. – Buffed Khulan’s base stats (arguably a bug fix as they were unintentionally very low)
  21. – Buffed Khulan Level 3 to buff herself twice when buffing
  22. – Buffed Khulan EX to buff (once) or heal each turn in addition to her attack
  23. – Khulan’s booty-trap loss-scene can now be skipped after the first viewing (menu for this is placeholder)
  24. – Adjustments to Khulan’s meal/cauldron mechanic
  25. Sabotaging her meal now provides extra loot when winning and persists across multiple battles
  26. Multiple ingredients can be added to widen the pool and increase the frequency of meal-based attacks
  27. Her meal/cauldron can be cleansed (reverts sabotage) with [Herb A]
  28. Meal-based attacks now deal a mix of %HP damage (based on Dignity), %MaxHP damage, and MaxHP reduction
  29. Added more explicit warning text to each cauldron ingredient
  30. – Fixed [Counter] (on successful Intercept QTE) dealing Thunder (and thus negligible) damage
  31. 3F
  32. ===
  33. – Eliza buffed slightly at all levels to compensate for balance changes
  34. – Added new weapon craftable from Aarav to bridge gap between Iron (1F) and Gold (4F) swords
  35. – Fixed Sea-Splitter recipe to require Crystal Ice (S-Rank Material) rather than Ice Block (A-Rank Material)
  36. 2F
  37. ===
  38. – Yvonne buffed slightly at all levels to compensate for balance changes
  39. – Fixed and enabled the locked event
  40. – Added new tease to the Mistress bail-out options
  41. – Made it clearer that only Scarlett and Eliza can actually bail you out
  42. – Various adjustments to the expansion minigame to make it quicker (and hopefully more engaging):
  43. Bootlicker level bonuses adjusted
  44. Each level now gives 2 ATK and DEF (will be added to previous saves on load)
  45. Lust and Disgust cap increases moved around and adjusted
  46. Cumming now removes all Disgust regardless of level
  47. [Sniff] now trades 2 Disgust for 2 Lust from the start
  48. Up to 4/6 Disgust for 4/6 Lust at Bootlicker I/III respectively
  49. [Lick] removes all Cum in one action at Bootlicker II
  50. New action, [Surrender] available if the boots have Cum on them
  51. Ends minigame (in your loss) regardless of remaining Time
  52. New action, [Kiss] unlocked at Bootlicker I
  53. Lowers Disgust and Lust by 2
  54. New action, [Worship] unlocked at Bootlicker II
  55. Removes 4 Dirt for 6 Disgust (effectively a faster, more efficient Lick)
  56. New action, [Polish] unlocked at Bootlicker III (replaces [Surrender])
  57. Removes 4 Dirt for 0 Disgust
  58. Usable only after licking up Cum
  59. – Added reset-orb (similar to Lily) in case people want to replay with the changes
  60. Both Lily and Yvonne’s orbs will be removed in the first non-hotfix patch after 6F
  61. 1F
  62. ===
  63. – Scarlett will now (constructively) roast you until you beat her the first time as a sort of pseudo-tutorial
  64. – Scarlett levels 2 and 3 buffed slightly to compensate for balance changes
  65. – Added new weapon craftable from Keith to smooth progression for new players
  66. – Fixed Keith’s recipe menu not fully displaying while he was caged
  67. – Fixed being able to leave 1F without freeing Keith
  68. Balance
  69. ===
  70. – Increased time to complete Combat QTEs (0.3s) to make high difficulty QTEs more manageable
  71. – Enemy HP evaluation now takes enemy healing into account (in player’s favor)
  72. – All types of Weapon and Armor have been generally buffed
  73. – Stat-boost consumables (eg. Lava Potion) have been adjusted
  74. Boost increased from 1 point to 1-point-per-level, up to 5
  75. eg. Lava Potion grants 1 ATK at level 1, 3 ATK at level 3, 5 ATK at level 5, and 5 ATK at levels 6+
  76. Boost from external sources (except Equipment) capped at 3x current level per stat
  77. eg. At level 5 with 14 bonus ATK, Lava Potion will only provide 1 more ATK
  78. eg. At level 10 with 30 bonus DEF, Frozen Potions can no longer be consumed
  79. Stat-boost consumables will not be consumed if they will have no effect
  80. Stat-boost consumables with different caps/details/etc. may be added in the future
  81. – Various adjustments to accelerate leveling
  82. Increased Base EXP gain from challenging (win or lose) all bosses
  83. Increased EXP bonus from defeating bosses with the following formula
  84. Victory: +40% of Base EXP
  85. A-Rank Victory: +70% of Base EXP
  86. S-Rank Victory: +100% of Base EXP
  87. EX-Mode Victory: +200% of Base EXP
  88. Early levels in general should progress faster as a result
  89. – Game balance and progression pacing is an ongoing process
  90. Please feel free to give feedback and share your thoughts on the Discord or Patreon
  91. Plans (Koda)
  92. ===
  93. – (Balance) Lily’s swingy and inconsistent difficulty
  94. – (Balance) Method to avoid QTEs entirely for players with disabilities / laggy computers
  95. – (Balance) More immersive progression methods than bullying Scarlett for Volcano Ash
  96. – (Ero) Some loose ends / minor details re. Lady Cobra and Yvonne
  97. – (Ero) Upcoming major story villainess/floor
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