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Tower of Trample – 1.10.2

Note – An event in Yvonne’s Expansion is currently disabled due to a bug, and will be hotfixed soon

– Fixed bug involving new saves
– Fixed boots moving around cage on 2F and reset their position
– Paying Bail now checks if you can actually pay
– Fixed some small visual/sound bugs

– A special Key Item can be found on 5F after defeating Lily once
– The item can be used from the menu in front of each boss to access her event
– The item will not be consumed (the events are repeatable and not mutually exlusive)
– The events require a minimum relationship with the boss; respective requirements below:
Lily: Redeem Her and possess the Naga Shard
Lady Cobra: Enslavement 1/3
Khulan: Taming 1/2
Eliza: Piety 5/5
Yvonne: —
Scarlett: Submission 4/4
– Yvonne is too busy to join the festivities this year, but you’re welcome to ask~
– (Albeit belated…) Happy Halloween!

– Fixed Lily’s boots getting mispaced once unlocked (re-entering the room should fix them for old saves)
– Fixed Affection changes displaying the wrong value (visual bug only, Affection is/was working as intended)

– Added text to better breadcrumb Cobra’s expansion, requirements below for reference:
Unlock Redeem Game 3 (5000 Tribute)
Reach Enslavement 1/3 (Sniff Pantyhose 9 times)
– Meeting one requirement will now strongly hint towards the other
– Meeting the Tribute requirement first will remove the 1-sniff-per-fight restriction from the Pantyhose
– Cobra’s Dreams will now play immediately when unlocked rather than after the next battle
– Fixed screen-tint after overdosing on Cobra’s shoes

– Added Yvonne expansion, unlocked by losing to her after freeing Howard
Note that defying Yvonne is a valid path through her expansion (rather than an opt-out)
An opt-out option is added to her main Talk menu partway through the expansion
Progression with other floor bosses can unlock some additional content for Yvonne
Friendly reminder that the game prompting you to Save usually indicates something
– Added a new skill to learn, with some notes:
The method to acquire the skill is rather niche, but it will be unlockable elsewhere in the future
Like Prayer, the skill is mostly a utility/sidegrade, so don’t feel compelled to go hunting for it
The exact effect of the skill is pending and will likely be rebalanced

– Some events in this update disable the Menu; this is not a bug.
– Various typo/bug-fixes on all floors; thanks to everyone reporting!

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