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Timestamps, Unconditional Love – 0.4.2

* 220+ Renders
* 3 Animations
* New mini game on phone Whack-A-Scut! (“Not for wimps!”, Unlocks after certain progress, or automatically if you have it already)
* Messages added from Bacon (Day 1 message from intro and new one that unlocks after a path)
* New Day/Night indicator
* UI Icons added for Day/Night indicator and Money
* Added Basment in the house (next to the main exit on the right side)
* New animations this version have automatically loop enabled, meaning you need to stop it when you feel happy. Yay? :D
* Updated menu pic for this version
* Added new support for day/night images.

Fixes & Improvements
* Performance increase to use a lot less processing power when loading images.
* Big bathroom is now visible in the quick navigation (Sneaky bastard was hiding behind the map button)
* When phone is up you can nolonger click stuff in the background by mistake.
* Improved end of game-version message trigger.
* Updated hallway picture
* Updated MC Big bedroom picture for better quality.
* New front house image in intro.
* It’s no longer in the middle of the night when going for dinner.
* It’s now easier to click the door to the living room / lounge, that door was very narrow with the new design.
* No more old picture showing after animation finishes, it now progresses one pic after finished as intended.
* No more Nika sleeping all day long
* Bathroom items now have added descriptions
* Kitchen items now have added descriptions
* Esc button properly opens settings on the phone on first try
* More minor things that have not been mentioned here.

Developer notes
* CG Gallery will be available in the next version hopefully
* Dialogue improvements should be made for next version, including auto-progression. (Sorry it did not make it in this version)

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