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Timestamps, Unconditional Love – 0.4.1

  • Added new keybindings(N = House Map, Esc = Phone/Quick Menu, Tab = Quick Navigation)
  • Updated the keybindings page
  • Tweaked messaging system, added message sound, improved the message triggering Rigged all the messages, there are 3. So if you load into a game from previous save you may have all 3 text events enabled already, depends on how far you are in the story
  • Rigged the new end of version screen
  • Hiding on-screen messages when opening phone
  • New navigation system
  • New dialogue trigger system, so you dont miss any scenes if you quick travel in rooms
  • Phone
  • Phone apps: Messaging system
  • Phone apps: Game settings
  • New Phone Icon in top right corner and message indicator.
  • New messaging sounds.
  • Save screenshot size optimization
  • Save/Load screen much much faster than before
  • Rename your saves! You can now click the pen on the save to rename it.
  • Faster fades when moving around rooms, (like, more than 10 times faster) faster fades in scenes.
  • New main menu background
  • Credits screen blocking menu when map is up
  • Added bathroom/shower
  • Added kitchen new pan-shot (scrolling image effect, for extra loooong images)
  • Fixed the stretching image problem
  • Completely redid the hint system in the code,
  • Completely redid the room-blocking in the code so you dont get those weird “i should go to sleep” during the day
  • Added new inventory items,
  • Allowing phone to be opened from the phone in the inventory
  • “Ren’py” style click to hide messages (before you can click anything else in navigation, so you cant accidentally move somewhere if a message is up.)
  • 200+ New renders
  • 20+ New scenes
  • 2 New very sexy Animations New phone messages.
  • And many more changes…
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