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The Tyrant – 0.25

version 0.25

– Extended event 2pm hideout with Alexis
– Extended event 7pm club with Cassandra
– Relationship point system implemented
– Hard-NTR mode changed to hard mode which is now available on NTR on/off modes
– Reaction on event at 2am (NTR on mode)
– More porn options with Alexis and as a part of the extended event above

The extended events will gave you different results when you bring love/corruption points for the characters to higher levels. (up to three different variations) And several results when you show Alexis porn several times.
I wrote here on purpose no amounts so you can try it yourself or take a look at the walkthrough.

The relationship point system will starting remove points (always at night) when a specific amount of points is reached one time only on a character. Then the removing will start (so you can prepare yourself, not possible now, stuff for that is no implemented yet, I mention it only to explain), in hard mode the removing will automatically start in the 2nd night.

When the relationship is shaky (yellow points) the characters will randomly (at a chance of 50%) refuse to talk with you (see picture above) and you couldn’t earn any points from the event.

When the relationship is in the NTR mode (or friends stealing characters/ non-NTR mode) (red points) same things as in shaky mode happen + the characters are not available at some events. They’re gone doing something else elsewhere (this has also a chance of 50%).

When NTR mode is on NTR events will happen when relationship points down to NTR.

So the hard mode is now available at both options (NTR on/off). It makes the game only harder to play.

Because of the coding problems I had with the point system I had to put some things I planned to a later date. Mostly the shopping system which I delay for another reason also, because I got a better idea for it and won’t get it ready at time. First version was planned without pictures, second one is. So it’s planned that I deliever it the next days, when the renders are ready.
Also I had to remove the fitness studio, it’ll come back but I have to change it because the one I use enlarge the rendering times significantly (there are to much high resolution textures in it).

For the next version are planned the weekend date(s), which will mostly improve the love options (they’re lacking a little bit right now), corruption and NTR there also, but love gets more options/content.
Also much more extended events as I planned but put away when the point system problems showed up.
And more/different text for the other “static” events that it’ll not get boring, reading every time the same content.

The balance system will be most likely not good/perfect, because I couldn’t test it properly (as dev you know always how to play), so there will be most likely changes.

I’m always happy to hear feedback or suggestions. (Especially about the point system)


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