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The Twist – 0.22 Beta1

– 9 new scenes.
– New character – John.
– 5 new item.
– Characters that recieved updates:
– Updated locations:
-Jason’s room
-Living room
-Pharmacy store
-Bedroom (at night)
-Locker room
– New feature: “mini-game” added to some scenes.
– Janice’s tan-lines strength can be adjusted (from none to very bright)
– Janice’s tan-lines changes accordingly to the swimsuit.
– Janice now have 3 different style swimsuits.
– Janice swimsuit color can be changed (7 different colors)
– Money can be earned by helping Kelly at pharmacy store.
– Janice skin shader completely upgraded.
– Grammar in some scenes drastically improved.
– Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

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