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The Twist – 0.18 Beta2

v0.18 Beta2

-Cheat’s window updated.
-Double MC glitch at Rachel’s living room.
-Some brower visual glitches.
-Bug with Janice alone in Julia’s room at night.
-Issue with inventory button in Jason’s room at night.
-Wrong clothing in dining room in the morning.
-Janice’s H-scene at dining room fixed.
-Danielle’s shoes became visible.
-Giving Julia new outfits now gives +3 “outfit points” also +10 score with her.
-Julia now wears all outfits in all locations at night.
-Some dialog updates.

v0.18 Beta1
– New character: Danielle.
– New location: Danielle’s house.
– 7 new scenes.
– 4 new items.

– Characters that recieved new/updated scenes:

– Updated locations:
-Jason’s room (PC)
-Jason’s room
-Julia’s room
-Julia’s room at night
-Dining room
-Living room
-Billy/Rachel’s house (outside)
-Billy/Rachel’s living room.

– Photo library added to the Jason’s PC.
– The ability to choose appearance of the Danielle at the first met.
– Rough/Gentle scores for Janice rised upto +15/-15.
– Julia’s daily clothes can be changed (completing minor quest will be required).
– Grammar in some scenes drastically improved.
– Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

Known Issues:
Please keep in mind this is a real-time 3D it will need a decent GPU. On low-end machines it may work slowly or doesn’t work at all.
Use 16:9 aspect ratio screen resolutions (such as 1280×720, 1920×1080 and so on) to avoid issues.
Some users experience pink/magenta glitch in the game. This is caused by old/low-end graphics cards. A hardware upgrade is recommended.

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