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The Twist – 0.17 Final

Changes in v0.17 Final:
– Janice beach scene infinite score fixed.
– Rachel living room scene score issues fixed.
– Some other minor adjustments/fixes.
– Some Chrismas extras 🙂 (in 0.18 it will be removed)

v0.17 Beta3
Bugs fixed:
– Black screen at Emma’s living room.
– Wrong locations displayed at 23:00.
– Stealing from Janice’s purse no longer available during dream scenes.
– Mowing lawn two times a day.
– Wrong locations displayed at school.
– Now Janice’s beach scene endings gives +1/-1 gentle/rough scores accordingly
– Save/Load at Billy’s house problem.
– Rough H-Scene at Rebecca’s house issues.
– Cheats reworked. (check walkthrough)

v0.17 Beta2
Bugs fixed:
-Emma’s living room, double characters glitch.
-Bedroom at night, double characters glitch.
-Rachel score display glitch.
-Now it is possible to steal from Janice’s purse while she is not in the room.
-Now it is possilbe to find Janice and Julia sleeping togheter in Julia’s room only after the certain point of progression.
-DP scene at the studio glitches.
-Janice at the beach glitches.
-Some dialog (school, dining room) fixes.
-UI glitches after catching Janice sleeping alone in the Julia’s room.
-UI issues at the pharmacy shop (missing Relation button, incorrect items in inventory)

v0.17 Beta1

– 6 new scenes.
– 2 new items.
– Characters that recieved new/updated scenes:
– Updated locations:
-Jason’s room (PC)
-Julia’s room at night
-Emma’s living room.
-Jason’s home (outside)
– UI update: Relations scores moved to seperate window.
– UI update: Rough/Gentle scores will be shown in Relations window.
– UI update: characters locations will be shown in Relations window.
– UI update: Inventory window is now shows only items.
– Mirrors become more realistic. It will be affected by Realistic Reflections setting in Options menu.
– Grammar in some scenes drastically improved.
– Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

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