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The Twist – 0.15 Final

– “Wait till evening” button now works in the park
– Janice outfit at the bedroom (at day) fixed.
– Minor lightning adjustments at the studio

General changelog:
– 6 new scenes.
– 3 new items.
– 2 New locations: The Park, Billy/Rachel’s house: living room.
– Updated locations:
-Jason’s room
-Studio outside
-Studio inside
-Dining room
-Jason’s room at night
– 2 New outfits for Janice
– New feature: at the certain points of the game, it is now possible to change Janice daily wear.
– New feature: During the H-scene it is possible to choose to be more rough or gentle. If you choose “be more rough” your “rough/gentle” score will get -1. If you choose “be more gentle” it will get +1. Reaching certain breakpoints will unlock extra animations/poses. At the moment this system works only on the “Janice night visit” scene.
– Game Options screen updated. 3d grass On/Off option added.
– Dialogs grammar improvements.
– Shady guy’s package quest updated. Now you will not need to finish previous(repeatable) jobs, he will give you the package as soon as it will be available.
– Various minor fixes.

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