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The Promise – 0.25a

  • Fix the black Screen bug for the garbage at the pool (Waste Job)
  • Now the clothes store should be open, when you go with your wife to it.

Content 0.25:

· Add the clothing store
· Add the changing rooms in the public pool
· Add the 3 step of the waste event
· Add 2 new fotoshootings with your wife
· Add 118 images (2 bathroom, 34 fotoshooting, 42 public pool, 19 waste event, 21 clothing store)
· Add one animation (waste Event)
· Make it easier to find the exit from different maps
· Fix that the message comes after jogging “bring her home“ when you click on your house door
· Fix that after you reach a relationship with Lisa about 30 you couldn’t ask her about her day
Known issues: Fixed and rework in next versions:
· Rework images with mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
· Rework some animations because they have mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
· All things like dialogs, storyparts, will be overhauled, this are only the first steps.
Plans for 0.3 (Planed release date at the beginning of June):
· More about Lisa
· Many minor improvements (Skip function in some situations and much tips from the community more)
· Change the grinding
· More about the global main story
· Some other Things

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