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The Magus Lab – 0.40a

1) Added new 6 unique slaves.
2) Added new works for slaves, now you can milk some slaves and train them in specific room.
3) Rebalanced game process, now night guest level depends on sex scene level. Health and strength of guests depends on their type.
4) “black raven beer” effect сhanged to increasing “sexscene level”of slaves.
5) Added 3 new sex scenes (with 3 unique images) for slaves and night guests, now count of active scene is 12.
6) Added new 9 skills for slaves with different effects.
7) Added new different buff/debuff images and effects.
8) Added 2 new plant girls.
9) Added 1 new room for training slaves.
10) Added 3 craft slot to bar and boiler rooms.
11) Added new castle upgrade system(upgrades will be update in the future).
12) Improved game process, saving system.
13) Improved lighting, now whole game works on ~40% faster.
14) Fixed bug with z-fighting of all characters.
15) I forgot to say many other cool things, but I hope you see them in game process.

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