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The Library Story – 0.94

Now in ‘The Library Story’ we have the following situation: there are two parallel versions of the game. The first one – the continuation of 0.93b, with a number of changes in mechanics, but at the moment it’s almost unplayable because of a bunch of bugs, unfinished mechanics and not fully coordinated quests from the previous content. And the second – is current version 0.94, which we prepared separately to show you new content. In this version (0.94), we added a new full quest for $5+ patrons (be sure to follow the link, guys, it says how to activate this quest), and unlocked the previous $5+ quest for the rest patrons. Also in this version, the Gallery of original outfits has been updated and several new books have been added to the shelf of Gaston’s library (according to the wishes of some patrons).
As you remember, we took three additional days, hoping to finalize the interactive episode (for Gaston’s Training Quest) … But despite this extra time, we still couldn’t finish this storyline on time. Too many bugs and inconsistencies with Gaston’s Training quest as a whole :(. That’s why, this version turned out small (less than we planned) and with new content only for patrons. However, it’s supposed to work with old saves from 0.93b.
As we’ve already mentioned, after releasing of LS 0.94, we planned to concentrate all our energies on preparing of the big version LS 0.95. But considering that we have not released the promised educational interactive now, we’ll prepare the addition of version 0.94 by the end of January (in version 0.94b). This version will also work with old 0.93b saves, so you’ll be able easily try the new content. After that, we can start the preparation of version 0.95.

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