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The Library Story – 0.93

In this version you’ll see the continuation and the “real” ending of Gaston’s training quest, the big development of the Lake location (now Belle will regularly visit it and different things will happen there).”
Belle has difficulties with paying for books. The event is activated in the library. New opportunities open at 100, 200 corrupting, and after completing the quest for Bed Skills Level 2 and collecting of at least 3 arguments for persuading Belle. Arguments can be obtained by going through the following quests: tentacle tree, magic bra, activated exhibitionism (for patrons), masturbation Belle, storyline with Ariel. The final scenes of this quest is affected by the Bed Skills parameter (200-250 and more than 250).
Belle spends time on the lake. Wait for rumors about it a week from the beginning of the game. Be sure to activate patron’s password, because a significant part of the variants of events is tied to exhibitionism. Events are affected by corruption parameter (<200 and 200+). Some options are opened after activation of the previous ones. Be sure to wait for the second swim of naked Belle!
Ariel again waits for help. Just complete her initial quest (rumors about the mermaid appear after 15 days) and wait a week until she is ready to accept help.

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