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The Legend Of Versyl RELOADED – 1.2.5

Note: This release was a total upgrade of the game (from core engine files for Mac\Android compatibility, to our sub-engine).
Now you should not experience known bugs and the game should be more fluid and stable.

– Main Plot continues: Vesco, the leader of the Resistance!
– New location added: Bloody Castle’s Entrance
– Now after a battle you will have restored all of your stats
– Now you cannot die (for real) in World of Living (added cutscene)
– Now you cannot die during the first Ratinbode battle (added cutscene)
– New character’s classes stat evolutions
– Master Cheat is now changed.
– Now tapping the dragon in the debug room you will access to other scenes
– Mapped every single npc event in the game with the new interaction system!
– Added possibility to fight in the arena and win prizes!
– Removed the old renting system (a new one Fable-like is coming!)
– Injected Read mind power from the start of the game (experimental)
– Added new Vampire party character: Vesco
– Fixed bug in triggering Amber scenes
– The shop in the World of Gods is finally back!
– Engine Upgrade: Injected in the whole game a new interaction system!
– Fixed bug in triggering yuna dialogue events
– Fixed fertility-items in pregnancy system
– Tweaked the debug menu
– Fixed Collisions homes\middleworld castle
– Injected new in-battle mechanics
– Injected new time mechanics (special thanks to Vegeta Sama), this have permanently fixed time passing events.
– Skills Tree Fixed (Once you will load the game, it will fix your skills)
– Injected new bug check system: The system will check that all data is correctly loaded when loading a savefile.
– Disabled multilanguage due to development\debugging purpose
– Fixed unexpected crash of the game when loading some adult scenes
– Fixed Family Chapel BGM
– Injected achievements items
– Removed Cheat Inserting from Ancient City Temple (You got the debug menu for that)
– Fixed some bugs in the Middleworld’s Castle
– Added new skills for human class
— LV2: Guard\Dual Attack
— LV3: Double Attack
— LV4: Triple Attack
— LV5: Bodyslam
— LV6: Shout
— LV7: Meditate
— LV8: Quick Move
— LV9: Strong Attack

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